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Dogs can detect if someone has cancer just by sniffing the person's breath, a new study shows.

  • The Pet-only Shopping Comparison System - at PetazonThere is strong evidence to suggest that dog owners have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and are less likely to have minor and serious health problems.  --> Read more

  • Pica is defined as an abnormal compulsion to eat things that aren't usually eaten. It occurs rarely in humans, usually kids who eat the occasional handful of dirt. It's also a relatively rare phenomenon in dogs. Some cats, however— particularly Oriental breeds like Siamese and Burmese—will repeatedly chow on everything from phone cords to shower curtains, though their most common snack is wool and other fabrics. --> Read more on Pica

  • Aquariums may seem secure, but within those glass walls lie several safety hazards that can injure or even kill your pet fish --> Read more on Aquarium Safety

  • The power (or magnification) of a binocular is represented by the first number for hand held binoculars and indicates how much larger, or closer, the object will appear than with normal unaided vision. --> Read more on Birding Binoculars

  • Three categories are projected to experience online sales growth rates of more than 30%. They are pet supplies, cosmetics and fragrances. --> Read more 

  • Post mortems on cats who had dementia when they died show feline brain cells are thickly coated with gritty plaques similar to those found in human brains known to have developed Alzheimer's. --> Read more

  • Contrary to popular belief, Koi did not originate in Japan, but from parts of Eastern Asia and China. They were introduced nearly 2,500 years ago in their black form and were known as Magoi (black koi). Known to be an excellent source of nutrition, they were kept in the rice paddies to provide food during the winter. --> Read more on Koi

  • Breeds of horses develop certain characteristics depending on the pressures placed upon the breed by the environment in which it has evolved and by those who breed it. --> Read more about horse breeding

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