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Ginger, Inc.
Pet Product Manufacturers

Ginger Incs mission is to provide a comprehensive range of the highest quality aquatic consumable and hardware products that offer profit opportunity to the retail sector. GINGER has been a leader in pioneering, developing and selling of aquarium filter cartridges since 1972. It has been our policy to manufacture cartridges with the highest filtration quality available. We constantly evaluate all aquarium cartridge brands in order to maintain our position of quality leadership. It is our belief that the aquatic consumer requires high performance products in order to make his/her hobby more trouble free and enjoyable.
Gerald  Mayer
 P.O. Box 381
Toledo, OH 43697 
Tel No: ( 419 ) 729-1650 
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Joined: 02/26/2008
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GINGER'S TROPICAL MIX is designed for all tropical fish.  It contains extra stabilized vitamin C and fresh fish oil with 44% protein of the type fish need most!
GINGER'S SPIRULINA FLAKES contain extra spirulina algae and is the food of choice for fish that need vegetation in their diets.  Examples of these include cichlids, angels, discus and mollies.  It is an excellent supplement for guppies and saltwater fish!
GINGER'S CICHLID-GRO FLAKES is the most advanced cichlid flake food.  It is balanced to be the continuous source of cichlid nutrition!
GINGER'S GOLDFISH FLAKES are an economical food for America's best loved pet fish.  It maybe fed to goldfish in aquariums and ponds!
GINGER'S VITAMIN BOOSTER FLAKES are the perfect supplement to any of our other foods.  Like our tropical flakes, it is designed for all tropical fish and provides the extra nutrition needed by growing fish!
GINGER'S MARINE FLAKES were formulated specifically for saltwater fish!
GINGER'S COLOR FLAKES contain a natural vegetable color enhancer that really works!  As a supplement or as a staple diet, it ensures the brightest colors for all tropicals!
GINGER'S PLANKTON, KRILL & SPIRULINA FLAKES allow fish usually fed live foods to eat a high quality but less expensive dry food.  Discus, oscars, tropheus and amazon cichlids can also eat our cichlid flakes!
GINGER'S BRINE SHRIMP & SPIRULINA PELLETS are especially relished by bottom feeders such as catfish and large cichlids!
GINGER'S BRINE SHRIMP FLAKES will sustain growth and color in those very special fish that are finicky eaters and need extraordinary formula foods.  A true brine shrimp flake!
GINGER'S EARTHWORM FLAKES are exceptional for live bearers.  Test results show 6-10 times spawning increase!
GINGER'S ANGEL FISH FLAKES are heavenly food for your marine and tropical angels!
GINGER'S VEGETABLE FLAKES are a very, very very veggie flake.  Vegetable variety with only the best kelp!
GINGER'S EGG FLAKES are great for babies and expectant mothers.  Breeders love this food!

The contact person we have for Ginger, Inc. is Gerald Mayer and the location is Toledo, OH. Please contact this company for more information regarding the geographical areas of the US that they offer thier products and services.

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