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ScoopFree -Automatic Litter Box -Lucky Litter
Cat Store

Coupons for ScoopFree is the first litter box you can leave alone for up to 30 days. Just replace a disposable tray pre-filled with Fresh Step Crystals as little as once a month per cat. There is no handling of litter or touching waste for weeks at a time unlike other litter boxes, which require you to empty messy waste bins, refill them with litter or take them apart for washing and cleaning. Coupons, Discounts and Promotion Codes available for ScoopFree -Automatic Litter Box -Lucky Litter
Customer  Service
 2 N. Riverside Plaza
Chicago, IL 60606 
Web Site: ScoopFree -Automatic Litter Box -Lucky Litter
Cat Store from ScoopFree -Automatic Litter Box -Lucky Litter
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Joined: 02/14/2008
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Coupon Code: Ultra2BOGO - Expiration: 12/31/2012
Released on: 11/15/2012

With ScoopFree you never see or touch any messy waste. You only handle clean and sanitary surfaces. Replace the disposable tray pre-filled with Fresh Step Crystals and your litter box is just like new.

Have you ever used a SwifferŽ to mop your floor? You just toss the mess into the trash when you are done. ScoopFree is like a Swiffer for your cat and provides disposable hands-off convenience for your litter box!

What if my cat comes back while it is raking? Is it safe?
The rake will not start to move if a cat is in the litter box. Further, the mechanism has been designed with no pinch points, and the force required to safety-stall the rake is substantially less than most competitive products.

What if my cat jumps back in before the rake moves to clean the box?
The countdown timer will reset for another 20 minutes if your cat returns. The rake will not start moving if there is an object in the box obstructing the infrared sensors. 

How can I extend the use of my cartridges?
ScoopFree is designed to be left alone for up to thirty days with one cat and up to two weeks with two cats. However, some users choose to mix up the litter crystals once or twice between cartridge changes, and they report this makes their cartridges last longer. Mixing the litter from behind the rake can be beneficial, but there is no need to mix up litter from the waste compartment. Further, when installing new litter cartridges, do not place litter underneath the purple waste lid. This too will extend the life of the cartridge.

Can I add litter or use another litter in my ScoopFree box?
Never add litter to your ScoopFree box or use another type of litter!!! The Fresh Step Crystal litter in the disposable litter tray cartridge is formulated especially for ScoopFree. The amount is carefully pre-measured for optimal performance. Too much or too little litter may cause your ScoopFree to malfunction. The only exception is you may add two handfuls of your old litter to ScoopFree litter when you first use the box.

The contact person we have for ScoopFree -Automatic Litter Box -Lucky Litter is Customer Service and the location is Chicago, IL. Please contact this company for more information regarding the geographical areas of the US that they offer thier products and services.

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