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Gardens Alive Natural Pesticides
Pest Control

Coupons for Gardens Alive! is one of the country's leading mail order companies dedicated to biological control of garden pests. Sales are nationwide and the company traces its roots back to the early 1980s. Win the battle against hungry deer without fences or weapons! Deer Offs taste and smell repel deer and discourage other browsing animals like rabbits and squirrels. Coupons, Discounts and Promotion Codes available for Gardens Alive Natural Pesticides
Niles  Kinerk
 5100 Schenley Place
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 
Web Site: Gardens Alive Natural Pesticides
Pest Control from Gardens Alive Natural Pesticides
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Joined: 02/02/2008
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Gardens Alive! environmentally responsible products that work. Whether you want to control fleas in your home, pests in your garden or moths on your fine woolens; whether you want to keep deer from destroying your landscape plants or want to raise spectacular roses without chemicals; or whether you're growing bulbs or vegetables or fruit trees or grass seed, Gardens Alive! has a product that will help you succeed without turning your garden, yard or home into a minefield of chemical worries, a product that can save your peace of mind and soothe your budget. Control pests and get rid of pests naturally

Environmentally responsible products that work? You bet, and it's about time!

Earth's Answer™ Microbial Deodorizer Eliminates odors at the source

Only from Gardens Alive! Now you can marshal nature’s own forces to clean and remove odors around you home! Earth’s Answer biologically cleans, deodorizes and digests organic wastes that cause odors. Using the same biotechnology as our popular Flow!, Earth’s Answer: 

provides one-step cleaning and deodorizing. Earth’s Answer’s biologically active formula pest control includes natural surfactants, beneficial microbes and a pleasant citrus fragrance, so it both cleans and deodorizes. 

digests waste and its odors. Earth’s Answer immediately neutralizes strong odors, such as those from hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, fatty acids, pets, human waste and garlic. Even strong, lingering odors- like those from pets or garbage-are completely eliminated (not just covered up) by this all-natural system. 

is useful all around the house! Use Earth’s Answer on carpets, in kitchens, bathrooms, pet areas, garage cans, diaper pails, cars- any area where you want to remove odors.
Earth’s Answer’s specially selected bacteria produce enzymes that digest animal, plant and human waste. As long as there is waste for them to eat, the microbes thrive, rapidly growing in number- and effectiveness! Once the waste they feed on is gone, the beneficial bacteria biodegrade. They are never a threat to people, pets or the environment. 

Earth’s Answer comes in a convenient spray bottle. Spray the pleasant-smelling liquid in the air, apply it directly to problem areas, or pour some into a bucket of water. For floors or walls, mix 1 part Earth’s Answer with 3 parts water. Store at room temperature for up to 1 year.

The contact person we have for Gardens Alive Natural Pesticides is Niles Kinerk and the location is Lawrenceburg, IN. Please contact this company for more information regarding the geographical areas of the US that they offer thier products and services.

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