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The Hamster Handbook

The Hamster Handbook

"barron's Pet Handbooks" Look Very Much Like Barron's "complete Pet Owner's Manuals", But The Handbooks Are Larger--more Pages, More Text, More Color Photos, And More Detailed Pet-care Advice. This Brand-new Title Will Be Of Special Value To Parents Of Younger Kids Who Are Keeping Hamsters, To Older Children Who Can Read The Book On Their Own, And Of Course, To Adults Who Keep Hamsters As A Hobby. The Author Explains Everything Hamster Owners Need To Know About The Animal's Life Cycle, Traits, Breeding, Feeding, Caging, Treating Health Problems And Simply Keeping Hamsters Happy With Appropriate Toys And Exercise Accessories. Author: Michele Earle-bridges, Pope Patricia Bartlett Publisher: Barron's Educational Series Inc. July, 2003 Paperback, 176 Pgs. Isbn-10: 0764122940 Isbn-13: 9780764122941

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Manufacturer/Brand: Barrons
UPC: 002701102294
Manufacturer ID: 5077614
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The Chihuahua Handbook Best Price  

The Chihuahua Handbook

The Chihuahua Is Bred In Both Smooth Coat And Long Coat Varieties, But Because Of Their Tiny Size, Both Present Special Challenges In Keeping Them Healthy And Happy. This Handbook Discusses Both Varieties With Advice On Purchase, Health Care, Feeding

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The Guinea Pig Handbook

Barron's "pet Handbooks" Are Written, Designed, And Illustrated In Much The Same Attractive Style As Barron's Best Selling "complete Pet Owner's Manuals,". However, "handbooks" Have A Larger Page-count And With It, More Extensive And Detailed Coverag

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The Conure Handbook

Conures, Which Belong To The Parrot Family, Come In Several Species, And Are Available In Many Sizes And Colors. This Book Advises On Selecting, Feeding, Caging, Health Care, And Understanding The Conure's Body And Vocal Language. Written By Breeders

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The Finch Handbook

Finches Are Relatively Easy For Hobbyists To Keep In Both Indoor Cages And Outdoor Aviaries. Here Is Advice On Housing, Feeding, And General Care. Books In This Series Are Designed And Illustrated Much Like Barron's Pet Owners Manuals, But Have More

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The Shih Tzu Handbook Best Price  

The Shih Tzu Handbook

These Playful And Energetic Little Canines Make Friendly Companions, And Are Good Dogs For Apartment Dwellers. Potential Pet Parents Should Be Advised, However, That The Shih Tzu's Beautiful, Long-haired Coats Require Frequent Combing And Grooming. T

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The Beagle Handbook

Here Is Detailed Advice For Pet Parents Of This Cheerful Breed, Which Is Adaptable As A Hunter Or A Household Pet. Titles In This Pet Care Series Are Similar To Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals, But Are Larger, With More Detailed Instruction And

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The Chinchilla Handbook

These Small Mammals, Known For Their Soft, Beautiful Fur Are Native To South America. Here Is Authoritative Information On Chinchilla Traits And Behavior, Health, Housing, Feeding, Breeding, And General Care. Barron's Popular Line Of Pet Handbooks Re

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