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Dr.'s Dream Treats

Dr.'s Dream Treats

Like The Original Dream Treats™, Our Dr.'s Dream Treats™ Are Designed And Formulated By Dr. Wysong, And Manufactured In Our Own Facility With Our Proprietary Tnt™ (true Non-thermal) Technology Which Keeps Vital Nutrients, Vitamins And Minerals Completely Intact And Uncompromised. The Dr.'s Dream Treats™ Healthy Teeth Contain The Same Basal Ingredients As Chicken Dream Treats™, Enhanced With Dental Active Natural Cheeses, Minerals, Apple Polyphenols, Natural Enzymes, And Many Other Ingredients That Help To Maintain And Promote Pet Oral Health. Helps Remineralize Teeth And Discourages Growth Of Bacteria That Cause Plaque, Caries, And Bad Breath

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Manufacturer/Brand: Wysong
UPC: 08583506102
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List all Wysong Products Buy Dr.'s Dream Treats at Wysong Free Shipping or Coupons for Wysong Dr.'s Dream Treats - UNCANNY-BEEFEGG $3.79
List all Wysong Products Buy Archetype at Wysong Free Shipping or Coupons for Wysong Archetype - UNCANNY-PHESFRU $16.69


Dream Treats - Beef Best Price  

Dream Treats - Beef

Dream Treats™ Are Entirely Raw Meat Treats, Uniquely Processed Without Damaging Heat Using Our Wysong Tnt™ (true Non-thermal) Manufacturing Technology. Each Meaty Disc Is Loaded With Extra Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics, Enzymes, Powerful Natural Nut

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UPC: 08583507014

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