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Things you need to as an Aquarium Hobbyist beginner

An Aquarium. An aquarium of 76 liters (20 gallons) or more is recommended for marine systems. For a freshwater system, it is recommended to begin with a 38 liter (10 gallon) aquarium.

An Aquarium Filter. An undergravel filter with at least one or two airlift tubes is advisable for most systems.

Gravel. Most types of gravel will work for a freshwater system. A gravel is calcareous (containing calcium) is recommended for marine systems, although it is not recommended for fresh water systems that require a low pH. The gravel should be 2-3 inches thick on top of the undergravel filter to provide the correct filtering capacity of the aquarium.

Outside filters.A filter unit which consists of a plastic compartment that hangs on the outside of the aquarium is another good filter to use. It pulls water from the aquarium and runs it through both a filter fiber and activated carbon. This also does a good job of circulating the water.

Air There are many different styles and sizes of air pumps that can be used for aquariums. The size of the air pump depends upon the size of the aquarium in use. Standard air-line tubing can be found in all aquarium shops. An air stone should be placed at the end of the tubing and placed in the airlift tubes. This will provide air and circulation to your aquarium and will also help the undergravel filter to operate normally. Powerhead pumps also help to circulate water and some are equipped with a venturi that helps to aerate.

 Aquarium Heater. The temperature of the water is very important. If there are variances in the temperature of the water it can lead to the death of your fish. A constant temperature is recommended. Tropical aquariums do well at temperatures of 23 to 28 C (73 to 82 F). There are many different types of heaters available. The correct size is determined by the number of liters of water in the aquarium.

Lights and reflectors. The aquarium should be covered at all times. The covers reduce evaporation and also keep the fish from jumping out of the aquarium. Most reflectors or hoods are made of plastic or stainless steel. If you have a saltwater aquarium, the hood should be a noncorrosive material. It is advisable to choose a hood with a florescent lamp.

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