March Conjures thoughts of Water Gardening

For most pondkeepers, March is a bit too early to open the pond, but many water garden enthusiasts will see the sun peeking out and start getting the pond “bug”.

March is a great time to take inventory of your pond equipment and decide what needs to be repaired and what upgrades you may need to make this season.

There are many new pond products available this season to make pond maintenance easier and your pond more efficient. Consider adding a new pressure filter that is easier to clean and is healthier for your pond if you don’t already use one. UV clarifiers are the best way to combat green water which is a challenge for many pondkeepers.  Consider a clarifier if your pond tends toward the murky.

Finally, if you plan to upgrade by adding a waterfall or stream to your pond this year, consider adding a second pond pump that can be used only when you want to run the new water feature. This is more energy efficient and will save you money in the long run.

A few more tips when opening up your pond this spring:

  • Check your pond for any areas that may require repairs.
  • Remove any accumulated debris, leaves and junk from the pond.
  • Remove and dry the de-icer (if applicable), then store properly for next season.
  •  Inspect and replace pond tubing and fittings that are leaking.
  • Start up the pond pump and pond filter in shallow water to ensure they are working properly.
  • Replace up to 25% of the pond water with tap water.
  • Remember to add a pond water conditioner to remove chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals found in most tap water.
  • Examine fish for activity; ensure they are not struggling and are visibly healthy.
  • Begin feeding according to seasonal feeding cycle.
  • Lastly, if you need new equipment – shop at Petazon’s Pond Equipment Price Comparison Engine to find the lowest price!

We are excited about pond season beginning and hope you are too!

Clean Dogs make for Happy Homes

While bathing dogs is no one’s idea of fun, it doesn’t have to be miserable for you both if you know what you’re doing and keep your attitude positive.

First, set yourself up with the proper dog bathing equipment:

  • soap,
  • a bath mat for sure footing and
  • a spray nozzle for thorough rinsing.

Dog shampoo is a matter of personal preference, and with so many great products on the market, choosing just one is a chore. Don’t use a human shampoo — the pH is wrong for your pet — and don’t bother with a flea-control shampoo. Any shampoo will wash fleas down the drain. (If you’re fighting fleas, talk to your veterinarian about the latest generation of highly effective products.)

When you’ve got all your equipment in place — don’t forget towels! — turn on the tap, but do it with the door closed. Dogs have a keen sense of hearing, too, and some are upset by the sound of bath water running; they know what it means. After the tub is full of warm water, let the water sit while you prepare the dog for the big plunge.

  • It’s important to comb or cut out tangles or mats before the bath, since water only makes them worse.
  • Put a pinch of cotton just inside your dog’s ears and a drop of mineral oil in each eye to help keep out the soap.
  • A good attitude can go a long way, but a bad one can make things worse. If your dog knows how much you hate bath time, how will he like it?
  • Don’t let up on the praise, even as you’re dragging your pet into the tub.
  • Wet your dog thoroughly, then start shampooing by working a complete ring of lather around the neck, cutting off the escape route of any fleas.
  • Work back from there, and don’t forget to work some lather in between your dog’s toes.
  • Do the face and ears gently, taking care not to get any suds into your dog’s eyes.
  • Rinse, and follow with a conditioner if your dog has a long or silky coat: It’ll make combing out easier and give the fur a nice sheen.
  • Rinse again, then lift the dog out and put a towel over yourself while he shakes.
  • Your dog can get off more water by shaking than you can by toweling, so let him have at it, and use those towels to clean up the mess.

Keep your dog inside while he dries; you can use a blow-dryer to speed up the process, if you like. A clean dog is a joy to be with — enjoy it while you can. Regular brushing and combing will stretch the period between baths, but don’t let it go too long. The old myth that dogs shouldn’t be bathed more than twice a year must have come from folks with outside dogs — who’d want such a dirty beastie on the bed?

Bathe your pet as needed, and you’ll both be happier for it.

“Ask for a Deal” with Petazon’s Price Compare

The consumer has the power in this sluggish economy.

Retailers fighting for your business isn’t something new, but in a tight economy, the consumer has even more power than usual.  Retailers are working on more innovative ways to earn your business and the pet vertical is no different. 

Pinching pennies and want “lower than the lowest price”?  At Petazon, we feel that it doesn’t hurt to ask – so we developed “Ask for a Deal” to go along with our pet product price comparison vortal.

So the process has changed a bit in the last few weeks.  It used to be:  “Search, Compare and Buy” .. but now it’s “Search, Compare, Ask and then Buy”.

Asking for a lower deal may not be lucrative in some cases.  If the low price amongst retailers is significantly lower than the high price (like in the Petsafe 2 Meal Feeder) its probably not worth asking for a lower price unless you are buying a large quantity of the same item.  The lowest price is probably as low as the retailer can go and not loose money.

When you are viewing a product on the price comparison engine, there will be a new form next to the product description with the title “Ask for a Deal”. 

If you want to ask for a lower price, just fill out the form stating the price you wish to pay and the quantity you will be purchasing. 

Petazon will ask participating retailers if they are willing to accept the price and if they do, we will pass along your email address, so they can contact you.  If you no participating retailer accepts your terms, we’ll just alert you by email when the price drops to the level you indicated.

If you do not hear from a retailer within 48 hours, that means that no retailers will offer the price you requested, just go back to the product and click through to activate the lowest price.

We’d like to know what you think about our new feature – so don’t hestitate to give us a thumbs up or a thumbs down. 

Happy shopping for your perfect pets!

Take a  quick peek at a few of the popular retailers participating in our price comparison engine:

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Compare PETCO Animal Supplies Prices with other Retailers to find the Lowest Compare PetFoodDirect Prices with other Retailers to find the Lowest Compare PetSmart Prices with other Retailers to find the Lowest

Kaytee has raised the bar in animal nutrition

Kaytee has raised the bar in animal nutrition once again with the introduction of nutrient rich Forti-Diet Pro Health diets.

KAYTEE, manufacturer of pet and wild bird food products and accessories, introduces a new and improved seed and grain based diet for birds and small animals with unmatched nutritional enhancements.

To find the lowest price on Kaytee products, use Petazon’s new comparison shopping site.  Pictured to the right is Forti-diet Pro Health Chinchilla Food.  Click on the image to view pricing on this at major online retailers.

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health contains DHA Omega-3, a fatty acid that supports the heart, brain and vision functions of your pets. Forti-Diet Pro Health also contains prebiotics and probiotics, which are natural ingredients that aid in digestive health.

Rich in natural antioxidants that support immunity and the general health of the pets, Forti-Diet Pro Health provides a superior diet addressing unique nutrition needs of birds and small animals.

Forti-Diet Pro Health diets are naturally preserved, ensuring that pets get fresh, palatable food without added chemicals. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health has diets for finches, canaries, parakeets, cockatiels, conures/lovebirds, parrots and mice/rats, chinchillas ferrets, guinea pigs, hamster/gerbils, juvenile rabbits and adult rabbits.

Continuing in its tradition of taking care of people’s pets for over 100 years, Kaytee has raised the bar in animal nutrition once again with the introduction of nutrient rich Forti-Diet Pro Health diets.

Petazon expands with World Class Price Comparison Engine, the company behind the successful free online pet directory, has diversified in to the pet shopping comparison vertical  with the launch of a new section on their website: . 

The new section compares the latest prices on pet products from major US retailer like Petco, PetfoodDirect and GregRobert Pet Supplies.  Petazon Price Comparison Engine is aimed at the cost conscious pet owner that  is interested in an easy to use, quick way to find lower prices on the web.

Prices are collated daily from the major US pet, wild bird and farm retailers on products from top selling brands including Petsafe, Four Paws, Booda and Advantage. The site currently compares over 200,000 products, priced from $0.20 (for individual dog treats) to $4000 (for elite dog homes). 

As an example, click on the Petsafe Deluxe Cat Flap Door to find the lowest price on the net.

“The new section of our web site builds on the success and basic business model of our Pet Business directory and allows an unbiased 3rd party deliver accurate pricing information on products that pet owners need”, stated Ms. Koczara, director of marketing at Petazon.

The shopping comparison solution allows visitors to use keyword searches, browse by merchant, brand or category to find the products that they are looking for.   Early traffic indicators suggest that the Petazon price comparison engine will surpass the success of the Pet Business directory itself.

If you are a retailer interested in  adding your products to the comparison engine, please fill the interest form located at:

February is National Bird Feeding Month

Established by Congress in 1994 to bring notice to the plight of wild birds in the US, National Bird Feeding Month is celebrated each February, which is a very harsh month in many parts of the United States. February is a great time introduce yourself or someone in your circle of care to one of the United State’s favorite hobbies — bird watching — and more importantly, bird feeding and watering!

Did you know that one in three American households feeds wild birds in their backyard at least some months of the year.

It is no doubt a great way to make a connection with nature and enjoy stress-relief and awe from something as simple as putting out suet and seed for birds.

BackyardStyle invites you to celebrate National Bird Feeding Month by offering quantity discounts on all bird feeding items plus free shipping with coupon: freeship.

Whether you’re an old-hand at wild bird watching or a newbie in the world of feathery awe - our celebration sale makes it the perfect time to add to your backyard or garden feeding stations or start a new hobby that will last a lifetime.

Make your backyard a haven for birds and let the love begin!  Featured above is Perky Pet’s Wood Gazebo bird feeder that holds 2 lbs. of seed.

February – Pet Dental Health Month

Estimates indicate that 80 percent of people brush their teeth every day.  How many pet owners do the same for their pets?  Significantly less is a safe bet. Pet Dental Health Month is celebrated each year in February with the goal to  teach pet owners proper dental hygiene for their pets.

Most people do not understand that dental health is important to their pets.  This signifies the importance of Pet Dental Health Month.  The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has been the prime advocate of Pet Dental Health Month since it originated.

Veterinarians report that periodontal disease is the most commonly diagnosed problem in dogs and cats.

Periodontal disease can lead to painful infections of the mouth, and in severe cases these infections can spread and become life-threatening conditions. During Pet Dental Health Month, pet owners are encouraged to regularly brush their pet’s teeth and  see their veterinarian for checkups according the vet’s suggestions based on thier pet.

The Pet Dental Month Web site,, includes tips from a veterinary expert on pet dental health, Dr. Brook Niemiec.

Pictured to the right is the Dingo Mega Dog Bone that can help your dog keep his or her clean, fresh and healthy.

For more Dental Dog Treats and Cat Dental Care products – visit

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