Boundary Brand Pet Repellants by Lambert Kay

Boundary Cat and Dog Repellants

Our featured brand this week is “Boundary”. Keep your pets away from furniture, carpet, trees, shrubs, garbage cans/bags, and other “forbidden” areas. Boundary® will repel dogs and cats for up to 24 hours when applied daily. Use as directed on each individual’s label directions – but make sure you do your due diligence and consistent training.

As long as you follow label directions, all Boundary products are safe around children. It is recommended that you wait until this product is dry before children or pets are in the area you sprayed.

Even if your pet eats a small amount, it will not be harmful.

Use indoors to break your pet of undesirable habits such as sleeping on furniture and rugs or to keep out of forbidden areas. Always use with consistent training. Praise your pet for good behavior and scold for bad behavior.  Remember to always read the package instructions.

Pretreatment Directions: Before spraying large areas of rugs, fabrics or plastics, test the effect of this product by treating a small, inconspicuous area. This product may stain or soften some fabrics or plastics. To avoid possible damage, spray a piece of cloth lightly and place it on the object or area to be protected.

Finally, an animal that is motivated by food will find it practically impossible to resist even if the Boundary product is sprayed near by.  So, it really is not effective if the kids left a hotdog in the couch crease.

Get the picture?