How do I get my puppy/kitten to eat from a dish?

The age at which to begin teaching a kitten or puppy to lap from a dish is dependent upon its ability to stand up over the dish without toppling over.

A few tips for teaching to lap:

  • Start each feeding with a session where you dip your fingers into the shallow dish and let the animal lick your finger.
  • Repeat this several times, each time making the animal lean closer to the dish.
  • Every animal is different, but it shouldn’t take long for the animal to get the idea.
  • Finish the feeding session with a bottle depending on the amount lapped from the bowl.
  • Don’t push the animal’s nose into the dish. It might inhale the liquid into its lungs, which can lead to pneumonia and only stresses the animal, making your task all the more difficult.
  • Be patient.

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