Moving this Summer? – Help your Pet have a Smooth Transition

Dogs and cats encounter many of the same problems people have in moving to a new place.

They must become used to a new house and neighborhood, unfamiliar sounds strange postal carriers and other service people, water that does not agree with them, and a colder or warmer climate.

Once accustomed to the changes, the pet will settle down and be content.

It is advisable to keep the pet confined until it realizes that this is the new home and that the family is going to stay, or it may wander off and try to return to the old home. This is especially true of cats, and they should be confined for several weeks.

To speed that “at home” feeling, use the pet’s familiar food and water dishes, bed, blanket, toys, and so forth. Try to put them in the same sort of location as they were in the old home water dish by the back door, food dish in a particular spot in the kitchen, and so forth.

It is best to keep your bird where it will be undisturbed until it becomes used to its new surroundings. Other small pets usually have few or no adjustment problems other than becoming used to a change in the water supply.This is also true of tropical fish to avoid harming them, test the water for similarity to that in your old home and adjust it to the requirements of the fish.