Splurge a little on your Dog’s Birthday!

Isn’t it the truth? The best way to make your dog happy is through their belly!

It’s Fido’s birthday and you just don’t know what to get him!

Either with food and treats or a good, old-fashioned tummy rub.

Natural dog food and treats are the specialty at Three Dog Bakery – and boy do they have a great selection of that specialty.
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No doubt, Three Dog has some of the healthiest and most fido friendly treats and foods on the market.  In addition, You Lucky Dog you, use the coupon code and click through the banner on the right to activate a discount of free shipping on orders greater than $55.

The ingredients make the difference in dog treats and food — using healthier ingredients means healthier, more energetic dogs.

All natural dogs deserve all natural dog food and treats!

Take a minute to read more about Three Dog individual ingredients and learn how they lead to happier, healthier dogs.

Happy Birthday, Fido and all you other dogs out there!