Who’s my Daddy (and Mommy) – Reasons to know your Dog’s Breed

Canine Genetic Analysis – sounds intense … really, why should you determine your dog’s breed … is it useful?  We think it is.
Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test
Wisdom panel dog DNA test provides a cheek swab DNA test designed to reveal the ancestry of mixed-breed dogs. Knowing a dog’s breed helps owners

  • target behavior training for the dog through his or her life.
  • be smarter about nutritional planning, choosing right portions, understanding vitamin supplementation that may be necessary … and
  • plan exercise activities that make the dog happy.  Some dogs are genetically pre-dis-positioned to enjoy water more, hunting activities, toss and catch – etc..

The tests are easy to use and Wisdom Panel provides owners with an easy to read, detailed report on the dog’s breed – it’s fun and it can be very informative.

Many vet’s are recommending testing because it makes it easier to understand treatment options when necessary.

They offer a number of different economical test alternatives. The best part of ordering the test with Wisdom Panel is that you are assured a quality company is behind the testing.  We know that there are testing opportunities available at most pet stores and almost all online pet stores – but the company behind Wisdom Panel is the reason for choosing them.  Here are a few of the test options:

If you have a mixed-breed dog, this test is for you. Reveal the breeds..

Wonder if, or think, you have a purebred dog but don’t know for sure?

If you have a Designer Dog but unsure if he/she is really a cross between..

The most advanced Canine Genetic Analysis exclusively available..

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