Flexi Freedom SoftGrip Retractable Dog Leash

Millions of happy dog owners around the globe are using a unique innovation from Germany: the Fleixi retractable dog leash.

Spring has Sprung (almost) – get your new retractable leash now!

This is not surprising as Flexi stands for the most enjoyable walk for both pet owner and their best friend.

The Flexi one-hand brake system helps you quickly and easily restrain your dog.  Everything you could want in a retractable dog lead – durable construction, a smooth, quiet, reliable retraction mechanism that works every time, tough braking system, comfortable fit, and a safety loop to use in addition to your pet’s collar.

You’ll notice the superior engineering the first time that you use this lead — after that you’ll just take it for granted and enjoy walking your pet again and again.  Your pet has only the amount of freedom you allow and control without feeling restricted.  You can brake easily and assuredly at any moment to keep your pet safe.  This dog lead is a classic must-have for anyone who likes walking their pet.

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