What Do You Need for Puppy’s First Night?

When your puppy comes home, he will be so excited to explore his new territory!  You can expect to spend the whole day letting your pup get acquainted to you, your family, and your home.  If you have small children, you have to show them how to properly hold the dog.  You also need to explain to them the right way to treat a dog (no tail pulling, no rough petting, etc.).  Other then plenty of exploring, your puppy may need some naps throughout the day, because puppies are basically like babies!

When he first gets home, he will not notice that he is without his brothers and sisters.  This all will end at night time though, and this is what you really have to prepare for.  When puppies sleep, they are used to having plenty of warm bodies around them.  The first couple of nights of your puppy sleeping in his new home, you will want to mimic the warmth and comfort she was used to.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • First, you should always let your dog sleep in your bedroom.  She will be able to feel the comfort of knowing that she is near her human.  You should definitely not let her sleep in your bed, for the same reasons you should not let a baby sleep in your bed (which is because you could accidentally roll over and hurt your puppy).  Plus, its a way to show your dominance by not allowing your puppy to sleep in your bed.
  • You should set up a crate near your bed, and have your puppy sleep there with the door closed.  A standard wire crate is perfect, because it will allow your puppy to see and smell you, without having her feel too inclosed.  I like the Ultima Pro Dog Crate, which is pictured above.  This wire crate has a removable door, so once your dog understands that the Ultima Pro Dog Crate is his bed, you can take off the doors.
  • Fill the crate will as many blankets as you can.  This will keep your puppy warm, which will mimic the warmth he received from his brothers and sisters.  You can also fill it with a chew toy or two to occupy him in the middle of the night.

Your puppy may cry at night, but do not take him out of the crate!  This will only reinforce to him that his crying results in you giving him attention.  Stick through it for a few nights and your puppy will eventually start to sleep throughout the night.