Tips for Traveling with Your Dog or Cat

Taking your pet with you on vacation?  Moving a few states away, and need to get your pet to the new house?  Whether your pet is going to be traveling by car or plane, there are some important tips you need to know before you make any traveling plans.

First and foremost, you must be sure your pet does not eat for at least 6 hours before the trip.  If your pet is on an airplane, he or she may get nervous, which can cause stomach issues.  If your pet is traveling by car, it is easy for he or she to become nauseated during the car ride.  Not feeding your animal for at least 6 hours before the trip ensures there will be no issues with vomiting or severe stomach aches.

Secondly, you want to make sure that  you have a well ventilated carrier for your pet.  Air circulation can particularly be an issue if your pet is traveling with the cargo on the airplane.  However, it is always a good idea to keep your pet in a well ventilated cage so that it is easy for them to breathe properly, and so no respiratory issues affect your pet.

A great type of airline approved pet carrier is the Petmate Vari Kennel Ultra Traditional, shown to the right.  These carriers come in 4 different sizes, so you can find one that would best fit the needs of your cat or dog.  Not only does this carrier have the usual side ventilation, but it also has rear ventilation.  As mentioned above, ventilation is so important for safe travel.  The Petmate Vari Kennel Ultra Traditional even has strap holes on each corner to ensure that you can safely secure your pet into the car.

This last tip is very important: never, ever sedate your pet before a trip.  This especially rings true if your pet will be traveling in the cargo space on the airplane.  There will be no one there to watch your pet, and it is extremely risky to have a sedated pet unsupervised.  Sedated pets may have problems breathing regularly, and this combined with the lack of circulated air on an airplane can be a recipe for disaster.  As long as you remember to not feed your dog or cat at least  hours before embarking on a trip, you can be sure that they will be able to handle the travel.