Does Your Kitty Have a Cat Bed?

The fact is that cats will sleep wherever they want.  I used to find my cat sleeping in the most random places.  However, when I got my cat his own bed, he ended up sleeping in it all the time!  It can actually be nice for your cat to have his own place to sleep.  If your cat sleeps in your bed, it can get kind of annoying.  Your cat wants to be close to you, so you can get a cat bed  and keep it in your room so your cat can be close to you at night.

Since cats sleep about 2/3 of their life, you want to give him a comfortable place to sleep.  Most cat’s favorite placed to sleep is on a tree perch or a window perch.  They like to be high up, it makes them feel superior (which they already think they are!).  A cute window sill perch is the Purrfect Perch Heated Window Sill Perch for Cats, shown to the right.  Cats will have the perfect view to watch birds and any activity outside.  It is also heated, so your cat can be warm during the winter months.  The fleece cover of the Purrfect Perch Heated Window Sill Perch for Cats can be removed and easily washed.  Another reasons cats love window perches, particularly indoor cats, is because it is a great way to sun themselves.

Many cats also like round beds known as “cup” or “cuddler” beds.  A high quality cup/cuddler bed is the Cat N Round Cuddle Cup Cat Bed.  This cozy bed has walls that are filled with 6 inches of foam, and are 16 inches high.  This bed makes cats feel safe and warm, and somewhat hidden from others!  The fleece cover can be removed and washed.

If your cat does not like perch beds or cuddle beds, you should try cushion beds.  The Classic Striped Pet Cushion Bed is an ideal cushion bed.  It comes in 3 different colors, and three different sizes.  The cover is reversible, so you can either have the color side showing, or a soft fleece side showing.  Both the cover and the liner can be removed and machine washed.

As you may of noticed, each of the beds I mentioned have a removable cover.  Having this removable cover is imperative, especially for fluffy beds.  Fleas and mites can live in the fluffy fabric, so you need to throw these covers in the washer machine frequently to kill any bugs and their eggs.

Experiment with different beds to find out which bed your cat likes the most!