Transfer your Pet Memories to Digital!

Get 20% off your order. Click now.Do you have footage of your beloved pets or family on old formats like VHS tapes, family reels, dog and cat photos and whole family slides?

It’s time to get them transferred to digital before it gets too expensive or you just can’t do it!

Back when you created your videotapes, they were truly ideal, and they were the best there was at the time.  But those video tapes of your dogs, cats, pets, children and/or beloved senior family members can fade.  Over time, they will break down every time you watch them.  Truly, the only way to preserve them forever is to convert them to digital and now there is a super easy way to do that.

YesVideo is one of the fastest, most convenient and inexpensive ways to transfer them.

Within 10 to 20 years your family and pet home videos may become unwatchable, and your special memories will go POOF!

Did you shoot your digital videos in HD? YesVideo can create a hi-definition Blu-ray movies from your photos & HD videos.

  • Digital Videos & Photos to DVD or Blu-ray Disc
  • Videotapes (Camcorder Tapes & VHS) to DVD
  • Movie Film Reels to DVD
  • 35mm Slides to DVD
  • Photo Prints to DVD
  • Videotapes & Movie Film Reels (transfer online only – no DVDs)
  • Additional DVD Copies (at time of original order)
  • 90 days Online Viewing, Sharing, Digital Protection
  • YesVideo MemorySafe Gift Certificates

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Is Easter Really about Bunnies? from

Ask your average youngster what Easter is all about and he’ll tell you about the Easter bunny, and finding Easter baskets filled with grass and jelly beans and a big chocolate Easter Bunny.

He’ll tell you about those pastel foil-covered chocolate eggs and Reeses eggs and Cadbury eggs. And, of course, there are Easter eggs to dye and flavored jelly beans and those sticky marshmallow bunnies.

But is that what Easter is really about?  Jesus is Risen this day which gives us all cause to celebrate.

Enjoy the chocolate, but reflect on the reason for this wondrous spring holiday!

Petazon Review: 6 Valentine’s Day Pet Products w/ Heart

  1. Canine Hearty Heart for Dog Heart Disease
    Restores and Maintains Heart Health in Dogs. Fights Canine Heart Parasites. Helps Dogs Maintain Youthful Vitality. Great For Overall Health.  Have some heart and keep your pup heart healthy all year round.
  2. Dogswell Happy Heart Functional Dog Treats Happy Heart 15 oz
    Made With Flaxseed Oil And Taurine, These 100% Natural Treats Are Perfect For Helping Your Dog Maintain A Healthy Heart. Wheat-free Too! Taurine is not only good for human hearts, it’s great for dog hearts.

  3. Cat Id Tag HEART RED
    Lost Pet Protection Is Simple With These Lightweight, Instantly Personalized Identification Tags. They All Have A Sturdy Clasp To Quickly Attach To A Collar. What about that kitten?  Have a heart and make sure she doesn’t get lost today!

  4. Heart Breakers
    Heart Breakers Are Sweet Dog Toy Characters Made Of Natural Rubber, Long-wear Plush And Recycled Fill. Tough And Cuddly, Heart Breakers Are Two Toys In One: Rubber And Plush. A dynamite heart-ful dog toy that will not really break a heart

  5. Top Paw Pink Heart Dress
    This Fun, Stylish Dog Dress Features: Ruffle And Bow Accents Heart-embellished Skirt Capped Sleeves Caution: This Item Is Meant For Short Duration And Under Close Supervision. Product Content: 65% Polyester 35%cotton.  Pink is hearty, that’s for sure – your pup will flaunt their stuff in this adorable heart dress.

  6. Twinkle Collar Red -Heart
    This Gorgeous Dog Collar Is Made With High Quality Imitation Leather And Sparkle That Doesn’t Come Off. you Will Love The Classy Look Of These Necklace Collars With Stainless Steel Holder And High Quality Rhinestone Pendant. A heart that twinkles is a heart that loves.  Love your pup with this twinkling heart.

New Coupons for the Holidays – Pet Supplies

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Holidays are coming! Holidays are coming!

Tis’ the season to share ourselves with those that we love. That means the furry little friends of your’s also!

What better gift could you give your little pup, bird, hamster or kitten but an hour of your undivided attention.

It may be getting a bit colder, so your walks may be shorter and your evenings seem to fill with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, but don’t neglect your best friend!

Take some time to snuggle together in the evenings, or spend some time brushing his coat when you arrive home from work.  Maybe, a couple extra ball tosses when he follows you to take the garbage out in the evening or throw around a catnip infused ball or bag to enjoy a few chuckles with your kitten.

Holidays can bring out the worst or best in people, but I think that we will all agree that they don’t change the disposition of our non-human companions!

Buy your pet a Christmas gift today – Hurrrrrrrrry up!

The Hustle and Bustle of the holiday season is like a whirlwind.  Thanksgiving arrives with it’s luscious meals and family interactions.  All the while, your pets wag thier tails or chirp thier songs as visitors come and go.

Patiently, they wait as you spend long hours at the mall shopping or stay late at the office to enjoy holiday cheer with co-workers.

Now is the time to buy an extra treat or a warm bed for them for Christmas.  Pictured to the right is the Puppy Cuddle Bed – only $6.70 at GregRobert Pet Supplies.

All it takes is a couple of clicks and your pet will have something a bit special when the kids and spouse start the unwrapping in a couple of weeks on Christmas morning.

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    Pet Lover Holiday Coupons for Gifts, Treats & More

    The Holidays are upon us and the ability to order online and ship to friends and family is now!  Many retailers will guarantee shipment by Christmas only if you order before the 17th of December or so.

    Worse yet, the Christmas treats and toys for pets are in high demand this year with many retailers running out early.  Shop now for all the pet lovers on your list and for your favorite pets too!

    Pictured to the right is the perfect gift for the pond lover on your list – A solar floating pond light brings an ambience to any backyard pond!

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  • A Blessed Thanksgiving to you and your pets – Checkout these deals!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Pet Owners and Animal Lovers in the world!

    From horses to dogs to cats to guinea pigs to birds and reptiles and fish and turtles – Thank you Lord for the wonderful animals that you have graced our lives with.

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    Happy Halloween! – Safety tips for your precious pets.

    Better safe than sorry, even if your pet is used to the hustle and bustle of Halloween- it behooves you to follow these simple, yet effective safety precautions.

    • Tonight during the trick and treating, bring your pets indoors. Do not leave them unattended.
    • Keep your dog on a dog leash. Even if your dog is trained well – the costumes and spooky sound effects may spook your pet or enable him/her to act in uncharistic ways. A leash will keep  your pet securely with you.
    • Change your walk schedule to avoid the mobs.  Evening walks can be changed to an afternoon nap to avoid the crowds. Pictured to the right is the Flexilight that attaches to flexi retractable leashes.
    • Remember that many children are nervous around unknown animals no matter how trained they may be. Parents will appreciate that you keep your pet in an area of the house that is secure and they can’t get out the front door when it rings and you open it to give our treats.
    • Some ingredients such as chocolate and Xylitol (an artificial sweetener) are dangerous for your pets. Treats like Tootsie rolls have sticks that can be a hazard.  Be doubly cautious to make sure your pet doesn’t get in the treats.  Give your dog a special dog treat tonight!
    • If you do plan on dressing pets in costume, make sure to supervise them at all times. 
    • Don’t leave candles burning unattended – especially around pets that may accidentally knock them over. Tuck electrical cords well out of reach.
    • If your pet is out with you, use reflective leashes or a leash light so you pets can be seen by motorists at a distance.