Top Social Network for Animal Lovers –

Our staff was just invited to join: – the newest social network available for pet owners, pet businesses, brands and others associated with the pet market.  This social network has a new twist and we think it will be one of the first to stand the test of time.

Social networks for pet lovers have come and gone – while none of them truly catching on.  Either there was difficulty in use, or they were setup as actual “pet” networking sites.  (we all know that it’s the owner’s doing the networking) – or maybe they were not really targeting what the user is truly looking for.

As pet owners and animal lovers, we want to be entertained, understand what’s new and impressive in the pet market, and get our questions answered by someone that is NOT a marketer for a pet store or manufacturer.  We want to talk to real people about real pet and animal problems.

Entertainment:  We don’t necessarily have to own pet’s to enjoy the laughter and love that animals can bring to our lives.  FunnyPaws has taken the lead in understanding that need.  Dedicated to laughs and love, you don’t have to be a pet owner to join.  (Joining is free and you can join straight through your twitter account if you have one).

Finally, if you own a pet store, are responsible for marketing a pet brand, are a vet, or a dog walker, you are welcome to create your own “Brand Group”, “Business Group” or “Local Group” on the website.   This can drum up business, but note that FunnyPaws will not tolerate spamming it’s members.

Although FunnyPaws is limiting it’s advertisements for now (all development was funded internally by owners) – we wonder where the revenue stream will eventually come from?  Stay tuned – but for now, please take a peek and join:

Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer – Efficient.

FEATURED: The Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer puts water flow control at your fingertips to let you easily and efficiently change aquarium water and clean gravel.

Keep aquatic environments sparkling clean with the Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer that puts water flow control at your fingertips. The water changer offers an easy system for cleaning that helps eliminate the need for carrying heavy buckets of water and the potential for messy spills, so you can keep underwater friends happy with ease.

The 11″ gravel tube features an easy-grip, molded handle for comfort and a built-in water flow control valve to provide just the right amount of water to help loosen dirt from gravel and reduce the amount of water dispensed into the sink. The sink attachment also features a water flow control valve to help keep dirty water from splashing into the sink, and with plenty of flexible tubing, the water changer lets you move around with ease while cleaning.

Product Features:

  • Simplifies the process of changing aquarium water and cleaning gravel
  • Helps eliminate the need for carrying heavy buckets of water and the potential for messy spills
  • Heavy-duty construction stands up to tough jobs and offers lasting use
  • 11″ gravel tube with an easy-grip, molded handle and built-in water flow valve control to deliver just the right amount of water flow for efficient gravel cleaning
  • Water flow sink attachment with adjustable valve and splash-reducing guard puts water flow control at your fingertips
  • Multiconnection faucet adapter connects to a sink faucet for easy use
  • Flexible tubing for convenience
  • Includes 11″ gravel tube with built-in water flow control valve, water flow sink attachment with adjustable valve and splash-reducing guard, multiconnection faucet adapter and flexible tubing

Available with 25′ and 50′ flexible tubing lengths

Four Causes For Excessive Algae Growth in your Aquarium

Too much Direct Sunlight:
If your tank is located near a window, chances are the light from the daytime sun is the perfect intensity for growing algae. It is best to keep tanks away from direct sunlight of any kind. Direct sunlight is too much light for your tank and will only cause excessive algae growth.

Your Lighting Period:
How long do you keep your aquarium lights on? Ideally, your lights should not be on more than 8 hours a day, less if possible! Leaving your lights on all day is just an invitation for algae growth. Pictured to the right is No More Algae by tetra.

Improper Lighting Spectrum:
How powerful are your bulbs? If you have coral or live plants, you may need stronger aquarium lighting. If you don’t have either of these, you can use less lighting. Be sure you only use what you need- any extra-intense lighting will spur algae growth!

High Nitrate or Phosphate/Silicate levels:
These are two natural chemicals in your water. When present in normal amounts, they are generally harmless and actually help plants grow.

When nitrate and phosphate/silicate levels become higher than normal, (from overfeeding, too many fish, phosphate/nitrate in your tap water or salt mix, etc) algae will take advantage! 

Algae will thrive in high nitrate or phosphate/silicate levels! Keep those levels low with water changes and special filtration media.