Top Social Network for Animal Lovers –

Our staff was just invited to join: – the newest social network available for pet owners, pet businesses, brands and others associated with the pet market.  This social network has a new twist and we think it will be one of the first to stand the test of time.

Social networks for pet lovers have come and gone – while none of them truly catching on.  Either there was difficulty in use, or they were setup as actual “pet” networking sites.  (we all know that it’s the owner’s doing the networking) – or maybe they were not really targeting what the user is truly looking for.

As pet owners and animal lovers, we want to be entertained, understand what’s new and impressive in the pet market, and get our questions answered by someone that is NOT a marketer for a pet store or manufacturer.  We want to talk to real people about real pet and animal problems.

Entertainment:  We don’t necessarily have to own pet’s to enjoy the laughter and love that animals can bring to our lives.  FunnyPaws has taken the lead in understanding that need.  Dedicated to laughs and love, you don’t have to be a pet owner to join.  (Joining is free and you can join straight through your twitter account if you have one).

Finally, if you own a pet store, are responsible for marketing a pet brand, are a vet, or a dog walker, you are welcome to create your own “Brand Group”, “Business Group” or “Local Group” on the website.   This can drum up business, but note that FunnyPaws will not tolerate spamming it’s members.

Although FunnyPaws is limiting it’s advertisements for now (all development was funded internally by owners) – we wonder where the revenue stream will eventually come from?  Stay tuned – but for now, please take a peek and join:

Angry Bird Dog and Cat Toys are Comin’ to Town!

The Angry Birds have landed!

Your favorite game has come to life in a series of fun collectible toys that you and your pet can enjoy together! These one of a kind pet toys, available exclusively from Hartz®, have something fun for both dogs and cats alike!

Compare prices on Angry Bird Dog Toys and Cat Toys at

Featured Manufacturer: Prevue Pet Bird Products

Prevue Hendryx is the largest and oldest manufacturer of quality pet bird cages and related accessories in the United States. Well known for some of most unique pet bird toys, Prevue has been in the pet bird cage market since 1869.

Safety of your pet bird and family is Prevue’s number one concern. All Prevue cages are produced with the safety of you and your pet in mind. Prevue methods of multiple finishing and coatings are completely non-toxic, therefore both pet and child safe. Prevue uses no lead or zinc so there isn’t any possibility of heavy metals toxicity.

Prevue is an active member of the APPMA (American Pet Products Manufacturing Association; PIDA (pet Industry Distributor Association), WWPSA (World Wide Pet Supply Association; The Pet Care Trust, and The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.

Pictured to the right is Prevue’s signature selection cage for Parrots and Cockatiels.

A parrot paradise with Prevue Hendryx Select Bird Cages. Large design includes lots of exciting features for you and your pet. Rounded corner seed guards and a pull-out grille and tray make clean-up simple. Metal casters let you place the cage where you need it, or move it outside to give your pet some fresh air and sunshine. A full playtop area includes everything you need to keep your parrot occupied, including a ladder and 2 stainless steel feeding cups. An extra-large door easily accommodates parrots and people. 2 additional cups and 2 solid wood perches are also included to round out this parrot palace. Made in the U.S.A.

One of our favorite Prevue Bird Toys is the Acrylic Chandelier Bird Toy.  Always find the lowest price for Prevue products at Petazon Price Comparison engine.

Booda (Aspen Pet) Remains an Industry Innovator

Pet product companies come and go.  Pet Sitters come and go.  Online Retailers come and go.  Dog Trainers come and go.  The Booda brand has stayed.

Booda (which was acquired by Petmate a number of years back) is best known for thier popular dog Booda bones.  BOODA  Bones are a highly digestible chew that dogs love because they are tasty and chew-worthy, and pet parents trust because they are wholesome dental treats.  BOODA Bones contain the three most important factors to look for in any treats or chews: the right shape and size, wholesome ingredients and finally, a high rate of dissolvability.

BOODA Bones have a uniform size (width and depth) so your puppy or dog won’t be likely to swallow chunks whole and accidently choke.  Be sure to choose a Booda bone that is sized appropriately for your dog to minimize the risk of choking.

But Booda has a number of other innovative products that deserve a mention:

  • EZ Hitch leash – Aspen Pet’s first leash is a practical and convenient way to keep a pet safe while out on the town. The handle of the leash has a clasp that opens and closes to allow a pet to be secured to a tree or railing without having to remove the leash from the collar.
  • Comfort Cushion Leash and collars – This line of collars and leases were designed with comfort in mind. A soft, padded inner layer mitigates the risk of chafing or pinching.
  • Fresh N’ Floss – These fun rope bones promote dental hygiene and fresh breath. Flavors include spearmint and wintergreen.   Chew, tug and create an atmosphere for your dog to obtain a healthy mouth for life.
  • Wing-A-Ball – Finally a toy that acts like a cross trainer – tug, pull, run, fetch, chew and swim. What an exercise regimen for your pet!
  • BOODA Dome Clean Step – This one-of-a-kind litter box provides cats with privacy and cleanliness, and it is 99% odor free.

A tribute to the Booda brand that has lasted, innovated and expanded over the years.  As always – visit for the lowest possible prices on Booda and other pet products.