Top Social Network for Animal Lovers –

Our staff was just invited to join: – the newest social network available for pet owners, pet businesses, brands and others associated with the pet market.  This social network has a new twist and we think it will be one of the first to stand the test of time.

Social networks for pet lovers have come and gone – while none of them truly catching on.  Either there was difficulty in use, or they were setup as actual “pet” networking sites.  (we all know that it’s the owner’s doing the networking) – or maybe they were not really targeting what the user is truly looking for.

As pet owners and animal lovers, we want to be entertained, understand what’s new and impressive in the pet market, and get our questions answered by someone that is NOT a marketer for a pet store or manufacturer.  We want to talk to real people about real pet and animal problems.

Entertainment:  We don’t necessarily have to own pet’s to enjoy the laughter and love that animals can bring to our lives.  FunnyPaws has taken the lead in understanding that need.  Dedicated to laughs and love, you don’t have to be a pet owner to join.  (Joining is free and you can join straight through your twitter account if you have one).

Finally, if you own a pet store, are responsible for marketing a pet brand, are a vet, or a dog walker, you are welcome to create your own “Brand Group”, “Business Group” or “Local Group” on the website.   This can drum up business, but note that FunnyPaws will not tolerate spamming it’s members.

Although FunnyPaws is limiting it’s advertisements for now (all development was funded internally by owners) – we wonder where the revenue stream will eventually come from?  Stay tuned – but for now, please take a peek and join:

New! Carefresh Basic – the best of both worlds


Carefresh Basic is a unique blend of CareFRESH Natural and select soft woods.  Introducing CareFresh Basic – the first premium pet bedding blend.  A combination of CareFRESH Natural and select soft woods, Basic provides environmental enrichment for nesting and burrowing, plus the natural aroma of wood.  It’s the best of both worlds.

Excellent Odor Control – Unlike wood shavings alone, Basic works to suppress the formation of ammonia odor caused by pet urine.

Long Lasting Absorbency – Because Basic contains CareFRESH Natural, it absorbs more moisture than shavings alone, keeping pets healthy and comfortable.

All Natural – Basic is free of inks, dyes, clay and other chemical contaminants.

Safe for Pets and Families – The soft wood in Basic is heat-processed to minimize the aromatic hydrocarbons and the CareFRESH Natural in Basic is heat-processed to kill bacteria, mold and fungus.  Plus it’s less dusty than other forms of bedding.

Easy Cleanup – With the absorbency of CareFRESH Natural, Basic works harder and longer than shavings alone, making cage cleaning much easier.

Kaytee has raised the bar in animal nutrition

Kaytee has raised the bar in animal nutrition once again with the introduction of nutrient rich Forti-Diet Pro Health diets.

KAYTEE, manufacturer of pet and wild bird food products and accessories, introduces a new and improved seed and grain based diet for birds and small animals with unmatched nutritional enhancements.

To find the lowest price on Kaytee products, use Petazon’s new comparison shopping site.  Pictured to the right is Forti-diet Pro Health Chinchilla Food.  Click on the image to view pricing on this at major online retailers.

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health contains DHA Omega-3, a fatty acid that supports the heart, brain and vision functions of your pets. Forti-Diet Pro Health also contains prebiotics and probiotics, which are natural ingredients that aid in digestive health.

Rich in natural antioxidants that support immunity and the general health of the pets, Forti-Diet Pro Health provides a superior diet addressing unique nutrition needs of birds and small animals.

Forti-Diet Pro Health diets are naturally preserved, ensuring that pets get fresh, palatable food without added chemicals. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health has diets for finches, canaries, parakeets, cockatiels, conures/lovebirds, parrots and mice/rats, chinchillas ferrets, guinea pigs, hamster/gerbils, juvenile rabbits and adult rabbits.

Continuing in its tradition of taking care of people’s pets for over 100 years, Kaytee has raised the bar in animal nutrition once again with the introduction of nutrient rich Forti-Diet Pro Health diets.