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Monday, January 4, 2010  

New Years Resolution - Train your dog right from the start- CLICK HERE!

Start training your puppy properly from the beginning.

While older dogs can be taught new tricks, what a puppy learns early on is learned quickly and easily.

The older the dog, the more the bad habits will need to be "un-learned". When it comes to raising and training a puppy, an ounce of problem prevention is certainly worth a pound of cure!

Train your dog gently and humanely, have fun and teach him using positive, motivational methods. Keep obedience sessions upbeat so that the training process is fun for your dog and you!
If training your dog is drudgery try the "playtraining" approach: incorporate games (such as "Go Find", "Hide 'n' Seek", retrieving, etc.) into your training sessions.

When giving your dog a command, avoid using a loud voice. Even if your dog is especially stubborn, your tone of voice when commanding "sit","down" or ""stay", should be calm and authoritative, rather than harsh or loud.

Keep anger in check. Never train your dog when you're feeling crabby or impatient. Earning your dog's respect cannot be accomplished by yelling, hitting, or handling your dog in a harsh manner. Moreover, studies have shown that fear and/or stress inhibits the learning process.
And don't forget to reward!
Pictured above are OBEY dog training treats - sure to be a big hit with your pooch.

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