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Saturday, October 24, 2009  

GregRobert Pet Supplies Launches "Made in the USA" Pet Shop- CLICK HERE!

GregRobert Pet Supplies, an established leader in the pet supplies vertical announced today the launch of its "Made in the USA" pet store. Each and every product in this section of is manufactured exclusively in the United States of America.

Pet owners throughout the US are becoming increasingly more aware of the issues arising from poor manufacturing facilities in other parts of the world. This coupled with a stagnant US economy has made American Made products more appealing to pet product consumers.

GregRobert pet supplies has responded to this need by researching the manufacturing origin of the products that they carry. By delineating those pet products manufactured on American soil, they have made it easy to find US made pet products in one area.

The Made in the USA Pet Store at GregRobert is sectioned off into multiple categories including popular pet products like:

Made in the USA Small Animal Food And Treats
US manufactured Dog Rawhides
Made in the USA Miscellaneous Pet Products
Made in the USA Miscellaneous Lawn And Garden Products
Made in the USA Miscellaneous Fish Supplies
Made in the USA Miscellaneous Aquarium Supplies
Made in the USA Horse Stable Equipment
Made in the USA Hardware Miscellaneous
Made in the USA Fish Remedies And Health Aids
Fish Food manufactured in America
Made in the USA Dog Toys
Made in the US Dog Treats
Made in the USA Dog Grooming Aids/health Aids/nutrition
Homegrown Dog Food
Made in the USA Dog Feeding
Made in the USA Cat Toys
USA manufactured Cat Treats
Made in the USA Cat Litter, Trays and Accessories
Made in the USA Cat Grooming, Health and Nutrition
Made in the USA Cat Food
Made in the USA Caged Bird Food and Treats
Made in the USA Animal Health Supplies

GregRobert Enterprises' representatives ares quick to state: "No political statement is intended with the launch of our new Made in the USA store". Americans must make their own choice as to whether they purchase pet products made exclusively in the United States. There are certainly arguments available for both sides." GregRobert added, "GregRobert is responding to a consumer need in the pet industry with our new store".

Many enthusiasts believe that Americans should buy American made products. Theoretically, once Americans start buying more American goods the demand for them will increase. As a result of the rising demand, more factories or plants will be developed. More good job opportunities will result from the movement.

Visit the "Made in the USA Pet Shop" at

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Monday, October 5, 2009  

Woman's Day - 5 Best Online Sites for Discount Pet Supplies- CLICK HERE!

Woman's Day magazine recently released an article about the top 5 online pet stores and drumroll.......

As expected, Petsmart and Petco both got into the top 5 online pet stores list, but a couple of mid-size stores and a smaller entity - (also know as ) were named in the top five.

The article also mentioned the abundance of coupons available for purchases. GregRobert's latest coupon is $10 off all orders of $100 or more: earlyoct

At GregRobert, you can double dip, using the coupon with the quantity discounts available 4th quarter. (Web sales only, please)

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Thursday, October 1, 2009  

Administering Medication or Supplements to your Dog- CLICK HERE!


The simplest way to give your dog or puppy a liquid supplement or medication is to mix it with canned food and serve it at dinner time. To make sure that your dog swallows the medication in it's entirety, it is best to give a small amount of food that the dog is certain to eat rather versus a larger amount of food that your dog may not complete.

Occasionally we hear about a stubborn dog that may be unwilling to eat the food ; and then there are elderly dogs or ill dogs that may have dietary restrictions that prevent putting the medication in food. If this is the case, you will need to administer the medication directly into your dog’s mouth.

Transport your dog in a safe and comfortable area where the dog can be handled easily. Have the medication "Ready To Go". It is easier to give liquid medication to a canine if you have an assistant - a second person available to help you.

As with any medication, make sure you have carefully read the label and understand the the dose to administer.

Pull your dog’s lip away from his teeth and create a “pouch” along the side of the mouth in a gentle manner

Place the tip of the syringe in the side of the dog's mouth, just behind one of the canine teeth. Move the syringe so that it is in the mouth just past the tooth line.

Slowly squeeze the syringe to dispense the liquid supplement or medication. Make sure you do this slowly ( your dog needs time to swallow the liquid while breathing normally.)
Almost all dogs will spit out some of the liquid. DO NOT administer more unless you are certain that NONE of the medication was taken.

Make sure you provide positive reinforcement, petting your dog and giving your dog plenty of praise during the entire time. Give your dog a special treat after giving the medication.
Wash the dropper or syringe thoroughly with water.



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