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Friday, June 19, 2009  

Who's Your Daddy????? A Father's Day Tribute To Mixed Breeds- CLICK HERE!

This is Peppi. Our beloved family dog. This photo was taken in February 1982. Peppi was most likely around 4 years old at that time, but my memory could be wrong. It's been a long time since Peppi graced us with his shaggy, intelligent and loving presence-- but he's never been forgotten. Especially by my dad, who is now 86.

Back in the 80's, Peppi was considered a common mutt. Born in our Aunt's backyard, Peppi was one of a little of four puppies. Peppi 's mother was my Aunt's poodle, who was named Mimi. (Or Mitzi?- my cousins would know for sure). Peppi's father's name and status is still, to this day, unknown. A nameless, faceless, four footed "vagabond" who shamelessly roamed the streets and discovered an unsuspecting, but apparently willing, poodle named Mimi.

The only thing we do know about Peppi's father is that he was most definitely a Schnauzer. This became evident as Peppi grew up and grew more into his Schnauzer breed, than a poodle. Although there is no DNA evidence as to Peppi's true bloodline, our family loved our little mutt and laughingly called him a "Schnoodle". Little did we know who was going to get the last laugh..............

Peppi lived to the ripe old age of 17. It was a very sad dad when my dad had to "take him" into the vet. I remember my dad being really upset. He loved that dog. We all did- even my sister, who was a little afraid of Peppi. Everyone knew back in the 1980's that Peppi was a special dog, but today, he would be considered "couture". A designer breed. Hot commodity--- Because in today's world of social dog settings, a mutt like Peppi is called a Schnoodle. And, the Schnoodle is selling for a mere $1000 or more per pup (dependent on the area). See who's laughing now. And we don't even know who's his daddy!

Yes, it's true. Mixed breed mutts of the 80's are now looked upon like royalty. A upper class "oodle" craze has been born. Dogs all over the country, who in the olden days would be looked down upon like a wet newspaper, and now commanding $500-$1000 per pup. We now have breeds such as Puggles and Golden Doodles. I just saw an advertisement for an Australian Labradoodle- and ran into a person with a beagle and boxer mix called a Bogle! These new dogs are bred from only the best of the best of the rest of the mix, and come with papers that identify both mother and father. Times certainly have changed. 20 years ago we didn't care about papers that gave us a pedigree dog, we just wanted a dog- even one without a daddy!

So, here we are, with a tribute to all the mixed breeds of the past and present who don't know who's their daddy. Peppi was definitely a breed before his time, as I'm sure many other doodle, puggles, oodles, and ogles were back in the day. I'm glad we had the opportunity to get a dog like Peppi- he was every one's best friend. And, even though it wasn't on paper, I think Peppi knew who his daddy was- It was our Papa......

This is a photo of Peppi from the 1980's. Peppi was a common mutt back in the 80's. Peppi was part of a litter of "mutts" from my Aunt's dog, who was a poodle. I believe her name was Mimi? I could be wrong. I'm 40 now- my memory fades.

In any case. then. 1/2 poodle- 1/2 schnauzer

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Monday, June 15, 2009  

Setting Up a Freshwater Aquarium for Children- CLICK HERE!

A fish is a great pet to have for a child of any age and helps to teach a child to be responsible for another living creature. There are a number of kits available for children that make great homes for a goldfish or another type of freshwater fish. A kit is ideal for a beginner because it contains all of the essential items needed for properly setting up the aquarium and is small enough to maintain it easily.

A couple of great aquariums for children are the Disney's Finding Nemo Aquarium and the Disney's Little Mermaid Aquarium by Tetra. These fun, decorative, and small aquariums are perfect for any child’s room and give them the opportunity to watch their pet throughout the day and night. Both are designed from popular Disney movies and a small enough to fit in a variety of places in your child's room. The Nemo Aquarium is great for a little boy and the Little Mermaid Aquarium is perfect for a little girl. Both are easy to set-up, maintain, and enjoy!

Another aquarium that is ideal for any child is the WaterWonders Aquarium Cube by Tetra. This aquarium is great for children of any age and the neutral color fits in well with any décor. Adding this aquarium to your child’s room instantly adds character and interest. This break-resistant aquarium is designed to provide your fish with a healthy, clean, and easy to maintain living space.

Whatever aquarium you choose, adding a small aquarium to your child’s room is great for teaching your child responsibility and adding interest to your child’s room. Check out these great aquarium items and more at GregRobert Pet Supplies.

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Monday, June 8, 2009  

How to Puppy Proof Your House- CLICK HERE!

Puppies, just like curious, crawling babies, tend to get into all types of things when left on their own. While your puppy is growing and discovering the world around him, he may get into some dangerous stuff. By following some helpful tips, you can keep your puppy from getting injured or sick.

1. Make sure to keep cleaning supplies or chemicals, food, and anything little enough to be ingested out of reach or in a cabinet.

2. Tie up lose cords and keep lamp cords secure to avoid your puppy from getting tangled and knocking over lamp or other heavy object.

3. Keep your puppy confined to a “puppy safe” zone. If you plan on being gone during the day, it is important to keep your puppy in an area that is safe for him to play. A gate, such as the Easy Access Wooden Dog Gate, is ideal if you have an area that can easily be closed off.

4. Crate train your puppy. At night, it is a good idea to put your puppy in a kennel to help keep him safe while you are sleeping. The K-9 Keeper Puppy Crate with Front & Top Door is designed especially for puppies and provides you with easy access to your puppy.

5. Provide toys and treats for your puppy to play with and chew on. If your puppy has enough toys to keep him entertained, then he will be less likely to chew on something else that will be harmful. There are many toys designed especially for puppies.

Keeping your puppy safe is important for his health and well-being. To ensure a long, healthy life, make sure your puppy is contained in a safe, healthy environment.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009  

Cat Hairballs - Why, When and How to Prevent- CLICK HERE!

Hairballs happen because of a cat's natural grooming ritual.

When the cat licks and inevitably ingests his own fur, knots of hair gradually build up in the cat's stomach. Once a ball of hair forms it stays trapped in the stomach. These hairballs can grow bigger as more hair tangles up with it. Finally the hairball gets coughed up - (usually on your favorite couch or carpet).

Some cats have no problems with hairballs, but for other cats – especially longhair cats - hairballs can be an annoying fact of life. Occasional hairball episodes (a few times a month) are considered very normal for most house cats and usually hairball prevention is the best treatment.

A daily ritual of gently brushing out your cat's loose fur is the best remedy. The less loose cat fur on your cat, the less fur ends up in his stomach. It is EXTREMELY important during heavy shedding seasons. A daily brushing habit established early in a cat's life will be looked upon by the kitten AND YOU as a wonderful ritual spent between the two of you.

Although it is possible and even probable, starting a daily grooming session later in life can pose it's own challenges. Start your grooming ritual when your cat is still a kitten.

If daily brushings aren't keeping the hairballs to a minimum, then other treatments can include petroleum-based laxative preparations such as Laxatone. Smear laxatone on your cat's chin so that he’ll lick it off.

This won’t prevent new hairballs from forming, but it should bring up any stubborn hairballs that kitty has been unsuccessfully gagging on. Another remedy to try might be a cat food that contains a hairball control component like:

Note: Any hairball problem that cannot be solved with extra daily brushings should be referred to a vet. Cats vomit for a number of different reasons, some of them quite serious.

A condition that appears to be “chronic” hairballs could actually be a severe stomach problem or even a life-threatening intestinal disorder, and would require veterinary testing in order to determine the correct diagnosis.

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Monday, June 1, 2009  

Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer- CLICK HERE!

It’s easy for dogs to get over-heated during the hot, summer months, whether they spend time indoors or outdoors. Keeping your dog indoors and out of the sun as much as possible is a good solution to avoid over-heating. Even indoors, your dog can become over-heated on a very hot day if not in an air-conditioned room. Fortunately, there are a variety of dog products to keep your dog cool indoors or outdoors.

For indoor comfort, the Cool Bed III is a great way to keep your dog cool indoors and offers your dog a cool spot to rest anywhere in your home. This comfortable and cool bed is easy to use and doesn’t require batteries or electricity. Just add water to the bed and the bed will adjust to the temperature in your home. The indoor temperature will be cooler than your dog’s body temperature. When your dog lies on the bed, it instantly cools the body. This revolutionary bed may also be used outdoors, too!

For outdoor comfort, make sure that your pet has a shady spot to rest. Any shady spot can make a great location for resting, especially one that has a cement floor. If your yard lacks shade or your dog needs extra protection from the elements, install a dog house for your dog to rest inside. A great dog house that is ideal for a variety of dogs is the Premium + Aframe Doghouse by Ware. This dog house gives your dog plenty of head room and offers a retreat from the hot sun. It also has a water-resistant shingled roof that offers protection from rain, too.

When setting up your dog’s indoor or outdoor area, don’t forget to leave plenty of cold, fresh water. To keep the water colder longer, add some ice cubes to the water and set the bowl on top on frozen ice pack. This works best in an area not directly in the sun.

Keeping your dog cool during the summer doesn’t have to be a chore and is beneficial for the health of your pet. For more cooling products designed especially for dogs, check out GregRobert Pet Supply.

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