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Monday, April 27, 2009  

Easy and Fun Spring and Summer Time Activities for Your Pooch!- CLICK HERE!

Take advantage of the warm weather and enjoy it with your canine companion this year. There are lots of fun warm weather activities that you can do with your dog and most of them are free or low in cost!

Here are some fun activities that you can do with your dog during the spring and summer months to make the most of the warm weather:

1. The most obvious choice is to go to the park for a nice leisurely walk. Even a walk around the block can be refreshing for both you and your dog. Don't forget the leash!

2. Don’t forget to take along your dog’s favorite toy for a game of catch in the yard or at the park. Balls, frisbees or whatever you pet loves to play with are ideal! Check out this great frisbee by Kong.

3. Take your dog to the beach for a fun run in the sand. Many of the state and local parks have lakes with great beaches or if you are lucky enough to live by or on a lake, this activity is easy to do and great fun!
4. Go on a camping trip with your canine friend. You and your dog can explore new areas and enjoy the great outdoors together. A great cot for your dog like the one above makes sleeping a breeze!

5. Take your pet on a bike ride. Your dog will be thrilled with this fun and exciting experience. Just add an attachment for your bike, put your pet in and go! There may be an investment at first, but you can use the bike attachment year after year.

6. Set up an agility course for your pooch in your yard and train them on how to use it. This activity is great for dogs that get bored easily and love to be mentally stimulated.

7. Have some night time fun in your own backyard with a laser toy. Dogs love to chase the light source and they get lots of exercise just in time for bed!

Your dog will love spending time with you this spring and summer if you plan some fun activities for him or her. Not only is it rewarding, but also fun and helps to keep you fit! For more ideas, check out GregRobert Pet Supplies!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009  

It’s raining cats and dogs… Is your dog stuck inside?- CLICK HERE!

Spring weather is known for being cold, wet and rainy and your dog is sure to be bored if stuck indoors.

Every dog needs to spend a little time outside each dog (especially for a potty break). Sometimes a fun jog or walk around the yard is necessary to break up the day, even when the weather turns wetter and colder. Despite the boredom of staying indoors, some dogs don’t enjoy being in the rain and would rather avoid it all costs.

To make your dog more comfortable outside in wet weather, it’s great to have a dog raincoat handy. No matter what the occasion, a potty break or a quick walk around the block, it’s much more fun to be warm and dry doing it.

A raincoat keeps your dog from feeling the cold, wet rain and their fur looking good. A lightweight raincoat is ideal throughout the year because it offers your pet freedom to move around and be comfortable in a variety of temperatures, yet gives them protection from the elements.

Kyjen makes a fun, colorful designer raincoat for dogs. This practical raincoat is available in a variety of sizes and may be adjusted for the perfect fit to keep your dog warmer and dryer. Perfect for any cold, rainy day! Velcro tabs make this coat easy to put on and take off. The fashionable design is sure to look great on any dog, too.

You can find this great item and more rain gear at GregRobert Pet Supplies.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009  

Help save your pets - tell your Congressman to vote no to HR 669- CLICK HERE!

Attention Pet Owners

What would the world be like without pets? A new bill proposed in the House could make this a reality. All pet owners should be aware of a pending federal government resolution. House Resolution 669 is designed to change the way the government classifies animals available in the pet trade.

If passed into law it will severely impact keeping pets in America and could destroy the pet industry as we know it. HR699 would make it illegal to buy, sell and breed animals not native to the United Sates.

This includes most species of tropical fish, ferrets, most reptile and amphibian species, corals, and many others. Although Petazon and GregRobert are in favor of an effective invasive species law, we are convinced this is absolutely not the legislation to accomplish that.

Anyone with pet fish, birds, reptiles, or small mammals will be affected by this bill. Any company selling product or services for pet fish, birds, reptiles or small mammals will be affected by this bill.

Follow NOHR669 on Twitter is a social community site that connects people via "tweets". Tweets are messages of less than 160 characters. It's a great way to recieve updates about what's going on with H.R. 669 and spread the word around the Twitterverse. Follow NOHR669

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Simple Flea and Tick Prevention for your Dog- CLICK HERE!

As the weather slowly gets warmer, flea and tick season gets closer. Southern areas of the country are already into the flea and tick season. The sooner you take action to prevent fleas and tick infestations, the better off you and your pet will be! Here are some quick and easy tips to prevent fleas and ticks from getting out of control:

1. Check your pet on a regular basis for fleas and ticks. Using a flea comb is a great tool for catching flea droppings. If you see little black specks on your pet’s coat, then you may have a problem with fleas.

2. Scratching and skin irritation is another sign of flea infestation. Fleas can cause dermatitis, so if your pet’s skin seems red and irritated, they may have fleas. Pets have been also known to bite at their skin when irritated.

3. Keep bedding and areas that your pet stays in clean. Check these areas often for signs of fleas. You may see some hopping around! You may also see flea dropping in the bedding, too.

4. Limit time spent outdoors, especially in warmer months where flea and ticks may be heavily present. If your pet likes to spend a lot of times outdoors or you live in a wooded area, you may expect that your pet will acquire some “little visitors”.

5. Use flea and tick protection on your pet, especially when they enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors. There are various types of flea and tick treatments to use on your pet. Most treatments are very effective, just make sure that you choose one that is designed for your specific pet and is effective for their weight group. FRONTLINE makes great products for controlling fleas and ticks.

Controlling fleas and preventing ticks is essential for preventing flea infestations and following these simple steps is easy! Check out GregRobert Pet Supplies for a large variety of flea, tick and mosquito control and repellents.

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Monday, April 6, 2009  

Does Your Small Animal Pet Travel in Style?- CLICK HERE!

There are so many different types of carriers for dogs that small animals tend to get neglected in that area. It’s important to have a safe way to transport your little pet, but it’s also nice to have a fashionable carrier for your pet to ride in.

My favorite small animal carrier is the newly revamped Come Along Carrier by Super Pet. This fun and fresh looking carrier has everything that you would want in a carrier. Some of the great features include: an E-Z carrying handle that makes holding the carrier; compartments for storing all of your small pet essentials; fun venting windows for plenty of fresh air flow; and double zippered ends that provide you with easy access to your pet.

With this fashionable and functional carrier, you’ll want to take your small pet everywhere! Great for all types of small animals and available in three sizes to suit your pet's needs. Carrier is available in pink or blue with contrasting stripes. Both colors are incredibly cute! Covered in fabric inside and out; the inside fabric coordinates with the outside fabric.

This safe, chic carrier for your little pet is a great price and offers you all the features needed for easy traveling! Check out the other small animal carriers at GregRobert Pet Supplies.



Freaked out Cat? Try these calming supplements- CLICK HERE!

Got a SPAZ Cat?

There are a ton of issues associated with a nervous cat. When guests come to your house the cat can become skitty and jumping making for an embarrassing situation for all.

Taking a vacation can be a nightmare if the cat comes along - but if he stays home or gets boarded -it can be even worse.

One of the most recommended products for spaz cats is Feliway. Feliway is like a diffuser that goes in the plug socket and releases cat pheromones. The pheromones are supposed to make the cat feel calm. The product is also used to stop cats from "urine marking" things like walls or furniture. In addition, it is known to eliminate or lessen other signs of stress including scratching.

Try these tips to lessen the stress on a naturally high-strung feline friend:

  • Try not to move furniture around in your house, it freaks cats out a lot more than you'd think.
  • Don't let unfamiliar guests 'force' affection on your cat. If he wants affection, he will go to them.
  • Don't use raised voices when it can be avoided or make sudden noise or movements

Feliway is also available in a spray which is particularly handy for when your cat goes on car or plane trips or for targeting areas that your cat constantly marks or scratches. You don't need a prescription for Feliway as it isn't a drug. Normally buying the product from a vet can be very expensive. GregRobert offers it at half the price of most vets.

Another product we recommend is Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming Chews. These natural calming chews pictured above can hels allieviate anxiety related behavior problems in cats without affecting their personality or energy level. This type of solution is better for cats that experience "wired" behavior only periodically, or youthful cats.

It contains a combination of nutritional factors not found in other calming formulas, which help reduce behavior problems associated with stress.



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