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Monday, November 30, 2009  

Fun Winter Activities for You and Your Pet- CLICK HERE!

Although winter days may be shorter and colder, this shouldn’t prevent you and your pet from enjoying the outdoors. There are several popular wintertime options that also serve as dog-friendly or pet-friendly activities.

Pictured to the right is the "Let it Snow" Sweater from GregRobert.

For many of us, winter is all about snow. While you spend time outdoors building a snowman or sledding with the family, don’t forget to invite your furry pal to come along and chase snowballs down the hill or fetch sticks and pine cones. If your dog loves to play fetch, take him snow diving and throw a ball in the fluffy snow for retrieval or take him for a sleigh ride – if your little ball of fur is used to being transported in a carrier, firmly attach the carrier to a sled and take your dog for ride!

If you enjoy cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, share your next winter trek with your pet. Research local areas that allow dogs on groomed trails and make sure your dog is under voice control or on a dog leash at all times. When there is snow on the ground, a dog may not be able to find the familiar scents and may become disoriented or lost if not kept track of or on a leash.
If you decide to take your pet on an outdoor excursion, remember that winters are bitter cold, snowy and wet and pets are not much different from humans when it comes to handling cold weather.

Don’t leave dogs outdoors for too long, no matter the temperature, wind-chill can threaten a pet’s health. Under such adverse conditions a number of additional considerations should be made. Unless precaution is taken, ice, salt, and sand can lead to paw abrasions and dogs with joint problems such as arthritis, especially older dogs, may be severely impacted by the cold.

As long as you keep these safety measures in mind, you will have a wonderful time with your pet.

So zip up the coat, pull on those boots, grab the leash and consider these popular things your dog and the whole family can get involved in together outdoors this winter!

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