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Sunday, November 8, 2009  

Double Dip / Free Ship - Let the Holiday Pet Shopping Begin- CLICK HERE!

"If I could change anything about purchasing supplies for my pets online, it would be that darn shipping charge."

Are these thoughts echoing through your head also? Shipping charges can be an overwhelming portion of the cost of shopping online and many consumers are getting irritated.
GregRobert Pet Supplies has taken a big leap in hearing customer's concerns with the Double Dip/ Free Ship promotion that began this past Friday. The promotion features free shipping on all orders >$60 but has a unique spin to it.

Customers can double dip on savings by using the freeship coupon AND taking advantage of over 20,000 products that offer quantity discounts. This is a fantastic deal considering GregRobert is a price leader in the pet supply vertical.

Although the Double Dip / Free Ship deal does not have a specific end date, company officials assured us that they will run the deal until January 1, 2010. This means that all those Christmas gifts that you need to purchase can be shipped free.
Featured above is a gift pack from Bobbi Panter. This gift pack for the Pet Lover on your list includes: 10 oz. Gorgeous Dog Shampoo, 8 oz Gorgeous Dog Dry shampoo for cats and dogs, 1 Gorgeous Dog Cotton Towel -- all in a clear vinyl carrying case with organza top & handle.
So go ahead and Double Dip at GregRobert!

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