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Wednesday, September 2, 2009  

Stop Your Cat from Scratching on Your Furniture- CLICK HERE!

All cats have the natural instinct to scratch their nails and this habit can be very frustrating for a variety of cat owners. If your cat has the tendency to scratch on your furniture or your wood trim in your house, it is a good idea to set-up scratching stations around your house to keep your cat from distroying your house. A scratching station can consist of any type of scratching post or pad that your cat likes. Keep the scratching station infused with catnip everyday to encourage good scratching behavior.

One of my favorite scratching posts is the Super Catnip Cat Scratcher House. This fun little house is designed to attract your cat and keep your cat entertained for hours. It is easy to put together and once it is assembled, your cat won't be able to resist going inside and scratching the fun floor pads. You can also sprinkle some catnip on the floor pads to make your cat's interest last longer. It is great for a cat of any age and even gives cats privacy when scratching.

Another favorite scratching post of mine is the Carpeted Scratch Post by Doskocil. Any cat who loves to scratch the carpet or furniture will love to sink his claws into this soft post. It is made with plush carpet and very attractive to cats. The post looks attractive and can be placed any where in your home. It also keeps your cat scratching longer when you sprinkle some catnip on top.

If your cat likes to claw up your door frames, you may also want to consider hanging a cat scratcher on a door knob to get him interested in something else. A fun and entertaining door knob scratcher for your cat is the Play-N-Squeak Scratch It Cat Scratcher. Your cat will be attracted to the mouse sounds this scratcher makes and will have fun scratching the surface of the scratcher pad.

At first, you may want to offer your cat a variety of surfaces to scratch on in order to find the surface that your cat likes the best. It is a good idea to place your scratchers in several areas of your house to create a good scratching habit. You can place the scratchers near the areas that your cat is currently scratching and gradually move them away from those areas when he becomes accustomed to scratching on the post or pad.

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