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Wednesday, August 12, 2009  

Slim Down Your Overweight Dog- CLICK HERE!

It just as easy for a dog as it is for a human to become overweight and pack on the pounds. Being overweight is just as unhealthy for dogs as it is for humans and can cause health problems for your dog. If your dog has a tendency to be overweight, it is time to change their diet and start an exercise routine for your dog.

Changing your dog’s daily diet is easier than you think. There are a variety of low-calorie dry foods made especially for weight loss. Choose a dry food that is especially formulated for weight loss, such as Low Fat Rice & Chicken Meal Dog Food. If your dog likes moist food, look for one is that is formulated for weight loss or senior dogs. Avoid giving your dog people food or excessive amounts of treats.

Make sure that your dog gets enough water. Water helps to flush out the system and keep the organs working properly. Provide your dog with fresh water throughout the day to keep him hydrated. A great water for your dog is the Ultra Bubbler Pet Fountain. Water is also a great appetite suppressant, so the more water your dog drinks the less hungry he will be.

Exercise your dog a couple of times a day. It is very important for your dog to get enough exercise. Be sure to take your dog for a walk; walk your dog once in the morning and once in the evening. Exercising your dog helps to burn calories and helps to get the heart pumping better. Very your exercise routine with your dog and use fetch toys or set up an obstacle course in your own backyard.

To improve the quality and increase the length of your dog’s life, it is important to keep the weight in check. An overweight dog faces a lot of health issues and decreased life expectancy, so make sure to keep your dog at the proper weight.

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