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Monday, August 10, 2009  

Preventing Your Cat from Urinating Outside of the Litter Box- CLICK HERE!

Cleaning up cat urine on your floor or furniture can be a difficult task, so preventing your cat from urinating outside of the litter box is best. Cats will urinate outside of the litter box when they are misbehaving or acting out as a result of stress. Cats also like to have a clean litter box when they go to the bathroom. Make accidents less appealing by following these helpful tips:

- A clean litter box is essential. Make sure your litter box is thoroughly cleaned out at least once a week. Completely change out the litter and wash the box in warm water. Litter box liners are great for an easy clean-up and come in a variety of sizes and scents to meet your needs. In addition to a weekly cleaning, it is important to scoop out the litter box once or twice a day. If possible, scoop the litter box out once in the morning and once in the evening.

- Clean-up accidents thoroughly and immediately. Make sure that accidents are completely cleaned as soon as possible because your cat will be attracted to the accident site if he or she can smell the old urine. If your cat is attracted to the area by its scent, it will be more appealing to keep urinating on the same spot.

- Make the accident area less appealing to your cat. If you notice that your cat likes to keep urinating on the same spot, make the spot less appealing by following these tricks:
  1. Cover the area with a scat mat, aluminum foil, and a cat repellent spray.
    - A scat mat or pet training mat, such as the XMat Pet Training Mat, is uncomfortable to walk on and that deters him from stepping on the accident spot. Leave the scat mat or pet training mat on the spot for a short time and your pet will learn to avoid the spot. Once your cat is retrained, he will not want to stop on the spot even after the mat is removed.
    - Cats hate the sound of walking on aluminum foil and will not want to urinate on top of it. In addition to a scat mat, try placing aluminum foil around the area.
    - The SSSCAT Automated Cat Repellant is great for discouraging your cat to urinate outside of the litter box. This spray is non-toxic and keeps your cat away from the area. You may also want to try a citrus spray in the area because cats hate the smell of citrus.
  2. Place their food bowls and mat on the area where the accident occurred. Your cat will be discouraged from urinating on the spot if his food bowls are at the same spot because cats like their food area to be free of cat waste. This should also help to stop your cat from urinating on the spot.
  3. It is best to try a combination of things to get your cat to stop urinating outside of the litter box. With a little patience and some work, you should be successful in retaining your cat to only use the litter box when urinating.

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