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Thursday, August 13, 2009  

G-Force - Can Guinea Pigs be Great Family Pets?- CLICK HERE!

G-Force, the movie about "secret agent guinea pigs", opened late last month to strong box office numbers. 55% of the moviegoers were in the under 18 crowd. (I'd have to guess that the other 45% were parents accompanying the minors.)

Like "Finding Nemo" all the excitement around this movie will get children begging thier parents for a pet guinea pig. Do these fun, furry creatures make good pets?

Guinea pigs can be loving family pets.
They are sociable and can be played with outside their cage or home. As with any pet, they require a certain amount of care. Guinea pig lifespan is about eight years.

Some things you need to know about Guinea Pigs before your decision
  • Guinea pigs thrive in a consistent environment and routine. Feed them the same time each day. Play time should be consistent also.
  • A Guinea pigs front teeth grow all the time (non-stop). Make sure they always have a chew stick.
  • The high-pitched squeaking noise they make is normal. It’s thier means of communication.
A Guinea Pigs Diet should consist of:

  • High-quality guinea pig food; timothy hay, fresh vegetables, and fruits
  • 30–50 mg of vitamin C daily from vitamin supplements, parsley, fruits, etc...
  • Guinea pig treats should not exceed 8% of total food intake
  • Clean water changed daily!
  • Do not feed a guinea pig chocolate, alcohol or caffeine .... ever!

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