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Tuesday, October 28, 2008  

You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks- CLICK HERE!

I read many articles that talk about dog obedience training courses which are "owner training" courses in disguise. This makes alot of sense to me because there are few dog owners that truly understand the needs of thier dog.

A dog's needs are different than human needs. Dogs need exercise first, followed by boundaries, discipline and consistency. Affection is lower on the list of dog needs and higher on the list of owner needs. The concept of "what a dog needs" is difficult for people to grasp. If you really love your pet, you will give her/him what she or he needs, not what you need.

Since consistency is a key to changing a dog's behavior, teaching an old dog new tricks should be a family affair. Getting mixed messages from different members of your family can raise havoc on your training effors.

Training your dog is a great opportunity to teach compassion and patience to your children. Teaching them how to gently discipline your dog, give commands and handle leashes and collars safely, they learn to understand a bit about caring for a dog and understanding a dog's needs.

Pictured above is the Havahart Basic Remote Trainer which effectively and safely uses electrical stimulus to help train your dog. The trainer also has a Bad Tone button that can be used as a warning tone for your dog to correct behavior before receiving correction. Three levels of correction allow you choose the best training level for your dog.

Also available is the Ultrasonic Remote Pet Trainer which is a small, hand-held device designed to assist you in the training of your dog or puppy. Ideal for correcting misbehaviors, excessive barking and other doggie misdemeanors, it takes advantage of your pet's sensitive hearing in the ultrasonic frequency range, beyond the range of human beings.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008  

Attract-O-Mats Capture Hair, Dander and Dirt- CLICK HERE!

Petmate's New Attract-O-Mats Capture the Attention of Pets and Pet Parents
Cats are cozying up to Petmate’s® new Attract-o-Mat™ pet bedding thanks to an irresistible design that’s attractive to both pets and pet parents.

The innovative bedding comes in two distinct styles: the Attract-o-Mat Tunnel and the Fashion Attract-o-Mat. Both mats are 17.5 inches square and are constructed of electrostatic poly batting that captures hair, pet dander and dirt to keep pet areas tidy.
The Attract-o-Mat has been referred to as the cure for cat hair. Everyone loves thier cat, but noone likes the cat hair all over the place. For cat owners who have cats or kittens that shed excessively, the Attract-o-Mat is a great solution.

People who are sensitive to cat hair may find Attract-o-Mat especially convenient. It helps allergic reactions that make owners stuffy and sick from the constant dander and fluff.

A solution has arrived: The Attract-O-Mat's electrostatic polyester batting is the key. Simple place the Petmate Attract-O-Mat in your pet's favorite area, and furniture and bedding will be protected as the Attract-O-Mat absorbs your pet's hair and dander into it.

A clever eight-inch-tall hideaway tunnel accents the Petmate Attract-o-mat Tunnel. Cats are drawn to the inviting nook for rest and play in the sleepy sanctuary. The Fashion Attract-o-Mat design features a soft, comfy pad without a tunnel canopy for cats that prefer more open spaces.
Both mats feature fabric accents that add style and control frayed edges.

The Attract-o-Mat is available in Camel and Willow Green.

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Friday, October 17, 2008  

Petmate's Vari-Kennel Ultra Gets a Major Makeover in Function and Fashion- CLICK HERE!

Petmate has completed a major redesign of its most popular line of kennels. The new Vari-Kennel Ultra improves everything pet parents love about the original Vari-Kennel with a host of new features that create the ultimate kennel for travel and training.

Petmate conducted comprehensive research to determine pet parent needs while developing the Vari-Kennel Ultra, and the advances are evident in just one look. From top to bottom, the Vari-Kennel Ultra's two-tone fashion color scheme lets pets travel in style. The Bleached Linen top is accented by one of several trend-right hues on bottom: Brushed Nickel, Pomegranate, Black or Navy Blue. For more conservative pet parents, Petmate also offers single-shade styling in classic Bleached Linen.

To ensure the new Vari-Kennel Ultra's design was ultra sturdy, Petmate enhanced the kennel's structural integrity with a multi-transitional design that better protects pets. An overlapping beltline enhances the look, simplifies assembly and adds to the kennel's structural integrity. New molded-in handles around the beltline ensure easy lifting. A covered door post helps prevent snags on car upholstery and apparel and is safer for teh pet and pet parent. The Medium Vari-Kennel Ultra, designed for smaller pets, even adds an ergonomic top handle for comfortable carrying.

"Tamper Proof" through holes molded into the door perimeter increase security for travel. These holes allow pet parents to install a plastic "zip-tie" through the kennel and around the door for extra safety. For maximum protection on teh road, Petmate also added special tie-down strap holes on each corner of the kennel, so pet parents can thread tie-down straps to prevent sliding. In keeping with International Air Transport Association (IATA) and USDA requirements, the Vari-Kennel Ultra features plenty of ventilation on all four sides. Petmate even included an ID sticker label so pets can be identified easily while away from home.

In the home, the Vari-Kennel Ultra is a terrific training aid that provides a safe, secure retreat for furry friends. To ensure comfort, there is a "moat" molded into the floor to divert fluid away from pets, keeping them dry and contented. The easy-open, squeeze latch makes it simple for pet parents to let their furry friends in and out. In addition, the Vari-Kennel Ultra comes in a variety of sizes to accomodate any pet.

An optional, new wheel acessory kit makes moving the Vari-Kennel Ultra (or any Petmate kennel) a breeze. Easy-to-install mounting brackets give pet parents the convenience of a "quick disconnect" lever to attach/remove wheels - a clever solution to the IATA and USDA requirement that wheels come off for air travel. Designed to fit most Petmate kennels, this Plastic Kennel Wheel Kit includes a sturdy nylon tug strap that aids maneuvering bigger kennels through busy airports and hotel lobbies.

The Vari-Kennel Ultra and Plastic Kennel Wheel Kit are products of Petmate, a company that encourages responsible pet ownership through the marketing of quality per products that make pet parenting more enjoyable.

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Monday, October 13, 2008  

Wild Bird Feeding - Festive Winter Feeders- CLICK HERE!

How about keeping the birds fed this winter and sprucing up your outdoor decor at the same time?
Pine Tree Farms has released a unique set of wild bird feeders and suets that add a spark of interest in your backyard at the same time keeping the birds fed with quality seed.
Pine Tree Farm's fancy seed cakes, seed ornaments and seed bells are made from the finest seeds, nuts and fruits.
These unique decorative seed feeders are a great source of high-protien for your wild birds. They are a great way to attract a variety of birds to your backyard. Serve the seed decorations as a supplement and not a replacement to regular wild bird seed.
Winter-weary birds will enjoy the extra energy source that these tasty supplements provide.
Create feeding stations in your yard with several seed bells, candy canes, santa faces, christmas trees by hanging them on trees, bushes or feeders. Seed cakes come in many shapes and are made for year round feeding to withstand high and low temperatures.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008  

Keep Outdoor Pets Warm and Fuzzy With Lectro-Soft Heated, Weatherproof Beds- CLICK HERE!

Greg Robert Quality Pet Supplies Offers Deluxe Line of K&H Lectro-Soft Beds

No matter what kind of winter weather is headed your way, has a great selection of K & H Manufacturing heated and weatherproof dog beds to keep the winter blues away from your pet. Whether its wet and windy or frosty and downright frigid, the Lectro-Soft unique line of heated, weatherproof pet beds will keep outdoor pets warm and cozy outside, without raising the roof on heating prices.

Exclusively designed to keep Fido or Fluffy feeling warm and fuzzy all season long, the Lectro-Soft pet bed incorporates a soft, warm comfortable orthopedic bed with a waterproof cover that can withstand any kind of weather. The Lectro-Soft pet bed is easy to operate and will heat up only when your pet lies on the mat. The interior foam of the bed has an air valve that is easy to open and simple to inflate to the desired thickness.

Ideal for the outdoor pet who may stay in the garage, doghouse. barn, or even those pets who like to curl up on the porch, the Lectro-Soft pet bed can be plugged in and thermostatically controlled to heat to a cozy 102 degrees. The bed features a 5 1/2' steel wrapped chew resistant cord and has a patent pending.

Note: This is a soft bed that is not recommended for destructive dogs. If you have a pet that chews or is destructive in any way we suggest the K&H Lectro-Kennel.

The K&H Pet Products Lectro Soft Pet Bed is available in three sizes:

  • Small: 14 x 18 inches - 20 watts
  • Medium: 19 x 24 inches - 40 watts
  • Large: 25 x 36 - 60 watts

Please visit for pricing and more information on the K&H Lectro-Kennel and Lectro-Soft heated beds.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008  

Hamster Care Information- CLICK HERE!

A special report from Petazon on Pet Hamsters

Hamsters are sweet and curious animals and they make wonderful pets. Children seem to love hamsters. They live an average of two to three years. Hamsters have poor eyesight but good hearing and a great sense of smell.

Hamsters are nocturnal which is not widely known. They prefer to sleep during the day, and they need attention and playtime in the evening. Which fits fairly well with the average American family.

Syrian hamsters are solitary animals and should be kept by themselves. Syrian hamsters kept together may fight and injure each other or potentially kill each other. Dwarf hamsters are social. Dwarf hamsters enjoy living together in same gender pairs or trios, if they have been raised together from birth. Introductions between separate single dwarf hamsters are usually not successful later in life.

There is no such thing as a habitat that is too big. Your hamster will be spending a majority of their time in the cage, so it should be as big as possible. It should be safe, roomy, comfortable, and interesting. Hamsters are well kept in a wire cage with a solid tray bottom, solid levels, and a coated wire top. We recommend the Jack 62 Hamster Resort Cage or a minimum 20-gallon aquarium for Syrian hamsters.

For dwarf hamsters, we recommend the Marchioro Jill 42.1 Hamster Resort, a minimum 20-gallon aquarium, or the Critter Universe Expandable Cage. Any levels in the cage should be solid, not wire.

Animals should not be made to stand on wire. Make sure that if you have a wire cage, you have plenty of bedding. Standing on wire is extremely painful and will cause wounds, sores, foot deformities and arthritis. Wire levels can be made safe by covering them with Mats, ceramic or vinyl tiles, cardboard (like cut cereal boxes), or other similar materials (or lots of soft bedding).

If you choose to keep your hamster in an aquarium, it should be at least 24 inches long and 12 inches wide. A 10-gallon aquarium is too small. The aquarium should have a secure, well-ventilated, coated wire, screen lid. It is better to have a long aquarium with more floor space than a tall aquarium with unused height. Clean your hamster’s habitat at least once a week.

Use Carefresh Bedding. It is the safest and healthiest bedding choice for your hamster. It is
made from recycled wood pulp and is available at most pet stores. Never use pine, cedar, sawdust, corn cob bedding, chlorophyll bedding, or cat litter. Pine and cedar shavings are poisonous to all animals!

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