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Monday, September 22, 2008  

Eureka! Nature's Instruction to get Rid of Fleas & Ticks- CLICK HERE!

The premise is simple: Study plants and animals that do not have flea and tick problems and copy how they do it.


Eureka! Why didn't scientists think of this sooner? Maybe we are not trained to look too hard at the obvious.

If you are looking for effective "natural" flea and tick products for your cat, house, dog or carpet, look no further - Sargeant's has a natural solution that was developed with common sense in the forefront of scientific evidence and studies.

To protect themselves, certain plants have developed highly effective defense mechanisms against potentially harmful insects. That's the idea behind Sergeant's Nature's Guardian.

Years of testing went into the development Sergeant's Nature's Guardian. Many natural active ingredients were tested and the best performers were combined to form a natural pest control barrier for your pet.
  1. peppermint oil

  2. cinnamon oil

  3. lemongrass oil

  4. clove oil

  5. thyme oil

Sergeant's Nature's Guardian works by attacking a neurotransmitter only found in insects. Neurotransmitters control heart rate and metabolism. Insects such as fleas, ticks and mosquitoes produce a neurotransmitter called Octopamine. The natural oils found in Sergeant's Nature's Guardian block Octopamine - Causing a complete breakdown of the central nervous system - killing insects almost instantaneously.

What makes this safe if it is so instantaneous? Octopamine is not found in humans other mammals and birds or fish, thus these products that are deadly to insects are safe to use around children and other pets, when used as directed.

Don't use the products on Rabbits or Ferrets, though. They haven't done enough studies to truly say that they are not harmful to these types of pets.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008  

Thermo-Pet Throws for Fall- CLICK HERE!

Well, this is it- officially the last day of summer. As the Autumn Equinox arrives, it's no secret that the days get shorter and the nights get cool. Everyone can feel the difference in the air, even our four- footed friends. For those dogs and cats who like to keep warm and cozy all year round, The Thermo-Pet Throw by K- H Manufacturing the is the perfect fall accessory for our constant companions. The Therma-Pet throw can be especially useful for the older or arthritic pet who may need a little extra heat to help ease the aches and pains caused by the cool, damp air.

Whether it's in the house or on the road, The Thermo-Pet Throw can be used anywhere and at anytime. Many people like to camp in the fall, or take a road trip to see the leaves changing colors. The Thermo-Pet Throw includes a car adaptor cord for easy travel. Even if Fido or Fluffy are completely comfortable in their own fur, the Thermo -Pet Throw can come in handy for people take the chill out of their bones.

This soft and cozy blanket has a standard plug and comes equipped with a 12- Volt thermostatic control, so you are able to adjust the temperature according to your pet's desire. The Thermo- Pet Throw is available for dogs and cats and comes in 2 sizes and colors.

Small 24" x 36" Rust / Cream, AC adaptor cord length approx. 7 ft.
Large 54" x 36" Mocha / Cream, AC adaptor cord length approx. 13 ft.

Car adaptor cord length approx. 8 ft. for both sizes

More for great heated pet items at a great price please visit

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Monday, September 15, 2008  

Can dogs catch yawns? Yip!- CLICK HERE!

Sleepy dog? See the New Heated Bolster Bed for Pets
I read an article this morning that I found fascinating. Not because of the results of this study - but because it took scientific experiments to prove this.

In a nutshell, over in London, they did a study that proved that dogs have empathy towards humans by showing that they will mimic a human's yawning behavior:

The study of 29 dogs was conducted at the University of London in two stages. First, each dog watched a male researcher perform a large yawn, and then, in the control portion of the experiment, the dogs took turns observing the same researcher merely open his mouth.

Seventy-two percent, or 21 of the 29 dogs, yawned after watching the researcher yawn -- higher than the 45% to 60% rate reported in humans and the 33% rate reported in chimps
So now we know, our dogs have empathy towards are feelings.
I did my own experiment at home this morning. Sat down next to Jake and yawned. He yawned back. Called him in my office, looked at him and yawned. He yawned back. Next, I laid down next to him on the floor and yawned. He licked my face.

2 out of 3 ain't bad :)

Study after study, no matter how they slice the scientific evidence - the verdict comes back the same - dogs are good for humans and humans are good for dogs.

Since we are on the subject of dog yawning here is a tip that I heard recently:

If you want your pet to stop bothering you or jumping near you, yawn at least 3 times in quick succession. Animals yawn when they're tired (or as we learned above .. when you yarn). But they also yawn several times in a row to let you and any other animals know they're stressed or nervous. So, when your dog gets frisky, yawn like crazy to tell them "I'm tense, so give me a break."

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008  

Trick or Tail?—Healthy Guide to Treating Pets on Halloween- CLICK HERE!

It’s 8:00p.m. On October 31. Do you know where your pet is???? Under the bed shaking from fright? In the front room, relentlessly barking at strangers through the window? Straining against your leg and lunging at the door as you try to pass out candy to all of the kiddies?? Or is your pet walking calmly by your side, wandering from house to house with all the other ghosts and goblins vying for treats?

No matter where your pet is on Halloween, it would be a good idea to have some healthy , tasty pet treats on hand to keep your furry friend happy and an active part of the festivities. Human treats should be off limits for pets, especially chocolate, which can be very harmful to dogs. One tasty alternative treat for your pet is the BoodaStringerz Dog Treats . These special treats are made with the real cheddar cheese that will make your doggie drool just at the scent. And, you can help your pet interact in the festivities by peeling of cheese strands one at a time to keep them happy.

According to the US Census Bureau, there will be 36 million potential trick-or-treaters, ages 5 to 13, out gathering goodies. With so many miniature goblins running from place to place, pets inside the house or out with the family can become restless or scared. If you feel your pet is getting spooked, take some time out to soothe Fido’s spirits with a tasty and healthy pet treat. Discounted pet stores such as Greg Robert Quality Pet Supplies provide a wide variety of healthy, low priced treats choices that will arrive at your door just in time for Halloween. Stock up now and save $5.00 on orders over $75.00 with coupon code: haltreat

If you are the Halloween host and giving out treat on Hallows Eve, keeping a special bowl of Jerky Naturals Dog Treats (5 oz.) on the porch or inside the front door is a great way to treat a pet that is trudging the road to the Happy Halloween destiny. Another bowl of Vida Organic Dog Treats can come in handy for the pet that needs to be kept inside. When the doorbell starts ringing, and the trick or treat chanting begins, you can try and keep your pet calm and in the thick of things by offering them a Muttz-RRR-Ella-Bite.
By lavishing as much attention on your pet as well as the little ghosts and goblins, you can be sure that happy tails will be wagging as pets walk away with their own healthy goodies.
Best of all, you may even get to hear a Happy Halloween howl from some very satisfied four -footed friends!

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Monday, September 8, 2008  

Dogs Toys Made of All-Natural Material- CLICK HERE!

Ethical Dog now has a great variety of all-natural dog toys. These toys are made of "green" materials that are 100% all natural cotton twill and filling that has no dyes and no bleach; even the tags are from recycled paper. Because these toys contain no dyes or bleaches, they are perfect for sensitive dogs or any dog that you care about!

Natural Assorted Critter Dog Toys by Ethical are available in a dog, cat or cow shape. These toys are made from 100% all natural cotton twill and filling that has no dyes and no bleach. Each is 10 inches. Wouldn't your pet love to bond with one of these critters?

There are so many "green" toys by Ethical Dog to choose from the All Natural Ball with Rope Dog Toy, either 9 or 11 inches to the 8 inch All Natural Slipper Dog Toy.

The adorable Chewman dog toy by Ethical Dog is great for chewing and your dog will love to cuddle with this toy. Of course, it 100% all natural cotton twill and filling and has no dyes and no bleach. The Chewman is available in 2 sizes, either 7 or 10 inches.

You would not let you children chew on painted or dyed toys, and you should not let you pet chew on those type of toys either. Remember, it is now easy to pick up some natural toys for your pet.

Sunday, September 7, 2008  

Dog Beds - Best of the Season- CLICK HERE!

Top 10 Dog Bed Picks of 2008 / 2009 Fall-Winter

Our annual dog bed picks are "in" and we have to say that this season there are a number of great dog beds to choose from with more and more heated and orthopedic beds on the market. Our staff studied over 100 dog beds this year and here are our top picks:
  1. Comfort Couch Sleeper for Pets - Economical and stylish - we picked this bed because of style, comfort, durability and economics. One of the best values.

  2. Thermo-Pet Throw for Dogs - This K & H bed came up as our second pick because it not only keeps your dog warm, it also has a degree of flexibility similar to a heated blanket. K&H has multiple hits in the top ten for three years in a row!

  3. Lectro-Soft Outdoor Pet Bed - For the second year in the row, this indoor / outdoor heated bed has topped our charts.

  4. Tucked Bolster Pet Bed - Quiet Time shows up in the top rankings again this year - but this year it is with a bolster bed. Boy .... we think that we could take a nap on this one!

  5. Coleman Classic Pet Bed Rectangular - Although touted as a great camping bed, we like to use this one around the house too! Can't beat air for softness!

  6. Bone Shaped Dog Bed Leopard Pattern - We always seem to have a dog bed pick that is "pure novelty" and this dog bone bed fits the bill. Soft and durable to boot.

  7. All Season Snuggly Sleeper Dog Bed - Finally, an affordable pet bed that both heats and cools! Simply use the Cool Bed III insert for summer cooling and the safe plush heated pillow insert for winter warmth. Another K&H hit.

  8. Nuzzle Nest - Luxury pet beds- Caddis - Year after year, Caddis' Nuzzle Nest is in the running and this year is no different. The nuzzle nest tops the list on beauty and comfort.

  9. Durabed Framed Dog Beds - Elevated - Durable 16-guage steel frame and luggage grade fabric. Keeps pet above cold ground and drafty floors.
  10. Memory Sleeper Orthopedic Pet Bed - The Memory Sleeper is a beautiful, affordable way for all dogs to benefit from memory foam technology. The attractive cover is removable for washing. The core is ingeniously designed for memory foam comfort while affording support for any size dog.



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