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Saturday, August 30, 2008  

Labor Day Sale at GregRobert Pet Supplies- CLICK HERE!

This just in:
GregRobert Pet Supplies Huge Labor Day Sale
From now until September 3rd - save $5.00 on the following items using coupon code: laborday (all lowercase). (If you are going to use Google Checkout - you may use code googlerocks on these items).

and MANY more items!

In addition, use coupon code laborday to save $5.00 on orders greater than $70.00. Use googlerocks on Google checkout orders (>$75)

We have not heard of any other Pet stores having a labor day sale. Traditionally, there is no Petco labor day sale and no Petsmart labor day sale.

If you know of any other sales this weekend on pet supplies - PLEASE post them here so that our visitors can save this weekend.

Did you know?

Labor Day was created to celebrate America’s working men and women and their
social and economic achievements. Labor Day was started in 1882 and is credited
to New York City’s Central Labor Union as they were the first to organize a
celebration that included picnics, speeches and protests in favor of labor

Make sure to honor your hard-working animal companion this labor day!

Happy Labor Day from all of us at Petazon!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008  

Today is National Dog Day and GregRobert is Celebrating- CLICK HERE!

GregRobert announces a 2-day sale:
August 26th and August 27th to celebrate Dog Day in the US. Buy $75 of dog supplies (any kind) and save $5.00 on the already discounted prices. (use coupon code: michbiz)
Say YES to supporting National Dog Day with GregRobert Dog Supplies

National Dog Day has two goals:
  1. to honor dogs, and
  2. to rescue dogs from homelessness and abuse.

It's an opportunity for us to recognize and appreciate the value and importance of dogs in our lives.

President George W. Bush, a dog owner himself, sent a letter to the foundation in support of National Dog Day.

National Dog Day wishes to encourage dog ownership of all breeds, mixed and pure - and embraces the opportunity for all dogs to live a happy, safe and ”abuse-free life”.

We did a little bit of research on National Dog Day and found out that there is a discrepancy with respect to which day it really lands on. Some websites say that it is August 26th each year and some websites say that it is August 23rd each year.

National Dog Week is always the last week in September and that is undisputed :)

What should I do if I witness an animal being mistreated?

If you witness animal abuse or neglect, please contact your local humane society, animal shelter, or animal control agency immediately.

In most areas, those agencies have the authority to enforce state and local laws related to animals and the capability to investigate and resolve these situations. They rely on concerned citizens to be their eyes and ears in the community and to report animal suffering. You can choose to remain anonymous, although giving your name to your humane agency will enable that group to follow up with you when necessary.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008  

Pump Up Summer Energy Savings - Pond Pumps that is!- CLICK HERE!

Simple maintenance helps your water garden pump operate at peak efficiency and helps you control energy costs. Skim your pond regularly to keep leaves and large debris from clogging the pump.

When debris does accumulate, be sure to clean the pump's pre-filter at the first sign of reduced water flow. Consider purchasing a pump like ClearChoice, which has Mechanical pre-filter sponges that remove suspended debris to improve water clarity. Choosing the right pump and maintaining it properly can ensure reasonable energy costs for every pond owner.

Starting with you!
Calculating Your Monthly Energy Cost

So, just how much does it cost to run your pump? Here are a couple of quick calculations to help you estimate your monthly cost.
  • Multiply the pump's wattage by .024 to convert to kilowatts.

  • Multiply that number by the amount you pay per kilowatt hour (you'll find this number on your electric bill, or you can use the national average of $0.0898 per kilowatt hour).

  • Multiply that number by 30 (days).

  • The final result is the monthly energy cost for your pump.

If you're paying more than $30 a month, you may want to consider switching to a different pump that's designed for continuous use and energy efficiency.

The Cal Torpedo Pond Pump is energy efficient. It is lightweight, water cooled, uses no oil and can be used in or out of water. Its high volume water flow and low energy consumption makes it the most unique pond pump available, and it requires no tools for installation.

Buy a pond pump at GregRobert and save $5.00 instantly with coupon code: googlerocks. Use this coupon when checking out with standard checkout or use the new Google checkout!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008  

Choosing a Good Litter Box for your Cat- CLICK HERE!

At first glance, choosing a liter box for your cat seems like a "no-brainer". Just buy the first pan that you see, dump some litter into it, put it in the laundry room and
'Voila - you have a cat waste system that works.

Unfortunately, in most cases that won't work. Cats are very private and personal animals and there are a number of things to consider when purchasing a Litter Pan.

Litter Box Shape Matters to Some Cats: Litter boxes are made in a variety of
shapes that minimize the space they take up in your home. For example, there are wedge-shaped Litter Boxes that fit in a corner or a closet. They take up less space than normal litter boxes (rectangle) but some cats don't like them - so be careful.

The color of the litter box may matter: Litter boxes come in many colors including soft earth tones so they blend in with your decor. Many homeowners choose to cover up the litter box and the discreet,
design of the rattan weave litter box cover by Midwest Homes for Pets looks great in any room.

Some Cats LOVE the hooded boxes and some don't: Hooded litter boxes afford your cat privacy and also help to prevent the accidental spread of waste and urine. They help control odor, too. We love the new Translucent Hooded Litter box in 2 sizes (pictured above)

Self-cleaning litter systems are the latest Gig in cat pans: Built-in cleaning mechanisms, both manual and automatic, make waste removal easier and extend the life of litter. We like the Simply Clean Litter Pan by Radio Systems. The Simply Clean™ Litter Box System reduces odor-causing bacteria by continuously removing waste from the litter bowl and moves it up the conveyor system.

Litter is just as important as the box: New varieties of litter, which come in a range of textures and materials, and litter odor treatments, are popping up everywhere. Try the Feline Pine Cat Litter. Unlike other litters, there are no chemical additives needed to control odor as pine naturally bonds with ammonia, and there is never any sticky, smelly mess to deal with when the box needs to be changed.

Odor Control is a must and is easier with the new products available these days: Effective odor control products can create barriers to prevent the
growth of odor in the litter box. Our favorite is AMMO-cat Litter Additive. AMMO-Cat is a special zeolite resin that absorbs ammonia from cat urine and small animal litter, Ammo-Cat extends the life of cat litter up to three times.

Equally important to consider is getting multiple cat pans. Even if your cat is dead-set on the location and type of box that he or she uses, you could be in BIG trouble if the manufacturer decides to discontinue the product or alter the design such that your kitty will just not use. Keeping an extra "favorite pan" around the house can be a life-saver.

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