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Monday, June 30, 2008  

Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer- CLICK HERE!

With the hot summer weather upon us, it is important to remember to keep your pet cool.
Pets suffer from the same hot weather problems humans do, like overheating, dehydration and sunburn. You can take some simple precautions so that you and your dog can enjoy the summer months.

Dogs are much more susceptible to overheating than humans are because dogs are much less efficient at cooling themselves. A dog’s normal body temperature is 100-102 degrees. Dogs have sweat have sweat glands on their nose and pads of their paws. You probably know that dogs pant to cool down and drink water to cool down. It is important to always have fresh, cool water available for your dog. Remember if you are on walk, in the house or in the yard make sure you have fresh, cool water for your dog. If your dog is an outdoor dog, you need to provide a large shaded area for him and he should be brought inside during the hottest hours of the day. Make certain he always has access to cool water, because the sun can quickly make water too hot to drink. This can be easily accomplished by using a product like the EverFull Bowl that simply attaches to your garden hose. Once attached, you turn on the tap and the bowl fills to the perfect drinking level. The bowl automatically refills to the same level, every time your dog takes a drink.

Monitor the amount your dog runs or exercises during the hot days. Heat exhaustion in dogs is caused by dehydration and overheating due to over-exercising during hot weather. Heatstroke can occur when your dog’s body temperature is too high for a prolonged period of time. Both heat exhaustion and heatstroke can cause heart failure, brain and organ damage and even death. Pets that are thick coated or short nosed are susceptible, as are puppies, senior dogs and dogs with Heat exhaustion in dogs is often caused by dehydration and overheating from running or over-exercising during hot weather. Heatstroke can occur when your dog’s body temperature is too high for a prolonged period of time, and both can lead to brain and organ damage, heart failure and even death. Short-nosed, thick-coated breeds and (just as with people) puppies, seniors and dogs with respiratory, cardiovascular and other health problems are especially susceptible. Interestingly, this is just like people, heat affects babies, the elderly and people with
respiratory, cardiovascular and other health problems .

Signs of heatstroke can be one or more of the following: panting hard, staggering gait, dazed look, listlessness, restlessness, rapid heartbeat, dark red or purple gums and/or tongue and vomiting. If you think that your dog has a heat-induced illness, gradually lower his body temperature by moving him to a cool area, either to the shade or air conditioning. Then, apply cold packs to his head, neck or belly. You can immerse your pet in cool (not cold) water or give small amounts of cool water or ice cubes to lick — and then take him to the vet immediately.

Never leave your pet alone in a car during hot weather, not even for a minute. Even with the window cracked, a car’s inside temperature can increase as much as 40 degrees in an hour. About 80 percent of that increase occurs within the first 30 minutes. This means that on an 85-degree day, the temperature inside a car, with the windows cracked, can reach 102 degrees within 10 minutes! This is deadly for your pet. If you ever see a pet in a parked car on a hot summer day, enlist the help of a security guard, go to the nearest store and page the owner, or call the local police.

Always protect your pet near water. People think all dogs can swim, this is not true! Many dogs cannot swim and many can, but get panic stricken if they are not familiar with the area. If you take your pet to a lake or have a swimming pool, make sure you have a life jacket for her and that she wears it.

A great way to keep you pet cool is to us the Cool Bed III ™ There is no electricity required to operate the Cool bed III and these beds are attractively designed to allow a cool spot for dogs. Simply add the recommended amount of tap water through the easy fill cap and burp with the new easy air adjustment valve. The unique Cool Core diverts the liquid better than ever throughout the bed for advanced cooling power. Your pet will have a dry, cool, comfy place to relax. This beds works simply - the water-saturated core (that you just add tap water) inside the Cool Bed III absorbs the dog's natural body temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit and converts it to room temperature. This is normally well below the dog's natural body temperature. For instance, it is 80 degrees in your house, the Cool Bed III will be 22 degrees cooler than your dog's body.

The Cool Bed III Features:
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use—The Perfect Place For Keeping Your Canine Cool Year-Round
  • No Electricity Required
  • Non Toxic
  • Unique Super Soft Material Maximizes Comfort And Cooling Capabilities
  • Aids In Medical Recovery, Skin Conditions, Callused Elbows, Arthritis and Excessive Panting
  • Easy To Clean - Just Wipe Down With A Damp Cloth
  • Great for Travel
  • 3 sizes available:
    Small 17" x 24" Up to 25 lbs
    Medium 22" x 32" Up to 60 lbs
    Large 32" x 44" Over 60 lbs

Also available are some great accessories for the Cool Bed III. The Cool Cover Fitted Sheet is the most affordable, durable option available in Cool Cover Accessories! This linen/cotton blend fitted sheet is available in two fashion colors to match any decor’.

The Cool Cover Bolster Sheet is the ultimate in Cool Bed III comfort accessory! This durable linen/cotton blend cover includes a soft, comfortable side bolster and will be any dog’s favorite cool spot.

Your dog is more than a pet. She is part of your family! Give her the hot weather attention she deserves so that both of you can have a great summer.

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Posture Pro Elevated Dog Bowls; Better digestion with a Flare- CLICK HERE!

It seems to be common knowledge amongst pet owners to make sure that your dog's bowls are at the proper height for optimal digestion and relieves stress on your dog's hips and shoulders. But exactly what is the correct height? Many of the popular elevated feeders and bowls have adjustability - but what should you adjust them to?

Before going any further - you need to know the "Wither height" of your dog. This height can be different on every dog. Even dog's of the same age and breed have different wither heights. Measure from the ground to the top of your dog's shoulder to determine his or her's wither height. Subtract 6 inches from the wither height. This is the correct feeder height for your dog.

If your dog is a smaller breed, subtract 4 inches instead of 6 to define the correct feeding height.
  • Raised dog bowls allow for better posture, especially with older dogs.

  • Elevated Feeders promote better digestion - food moves from mouth to stomach quicker and easier.

  • Raised dog dishes will bring less stress on the Pasterns (canine forearm/wrist area)

  • and finally - dog dishes that are off the ground or raised are cause less "leaning", and relieve stress on hips and shoulder area.

To the right is the Posture Pro Raised dog dish in Cherry finish. The posture pro also comes in Maple, White and Oak finishes. They offer a number of bowl sizes from 1 pint to 3 quarts.

This simple precaution to raise your dog bowl is so easy. Why don't you do it? Your best friend will love you for it!


Thursday, June 26, 2008  

Pet Supply Store that Listens to a Different Drummer- CLICK HERE!

Pet Supplies on Sale!

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however
measured or far away.”
Henry David Thoreau

Henry hit the nail on the head, we think - but seldom do businesses leave the beaten path for unknown territory - especially in the extremely competative vertical of pet supplies - but GregRobert has proven that the beaten path is not the only path with the launch of thier new "Quantity Discounts and Savings" campaign that hit the Internet last night.

In a time that everyone is raising prices because of the increasingly high cost of internet marketing, with more and more online retailers opening shop each day, GregRobert has taken a different path - LOWERING prices to increase market share in the pet supplies industry.

A huge "Across-the-Board" decrease in prices was launched and is proving extremely successful. Visitors can save a tremendous amount of money when purchasing more than one item of the same type.

You may have heard about GregRobert in the last few years because they were one of the first online pet stores that advocated and implemented Web 2.0 strategies for marketing including dynamic RSS product feeds.

Give the new feature a whirl the next time you need to stock up on Nylabones or Dingo Dog bones - check out GregRobert. Got to get Greenies? No problem!

A few specials off that beaten path - Enjoy!!


Monday, June 23, 2008  

Cat and Kitten Urinary Tract Care - Bladder Care for Cats- CLICK HERE!

Bladder problems are common in cats. I can't explain why and even most veterinarians that I have asked don't know why. Weird .. but we have to deal with it.

Bladder problems and incidences are estimated at about 6% of the cat population- believe it or not. There is a great debate amongst professionals on their causes and their treatment.

Bladder problems in cats and less commonly, kittens, may be caused by either infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma or fungi, crystals in the urine or even noninfectious conditions such as interstitial cystitis. Bladder problems or urinary tract issues can be caused from trauma such as being hit by a car or falling out of a tall building or even a tall fence.

You can't do anything to prevent trauma induced bladder conditions, but you can do something about preventing infectious or dietary induced bladder conditions in your cat.

Before I continue, I want to make sure that you understand this: ANY INFECTION IN YOUR CAT OR KITTEN, any unusual behavior etc... PLEASE, PLEASE see your veterinarian first.

The first product that we have found to be effective is UTI Paste by Mark and Chappell

UTI Paste provides a source of dl-Methionine and natural cranberry extracts.
This unique formulation acts as an aid in the management and maintenance of
urinary tract health for your cat. Dl-Methionine an essential amino acid can
only be obtained from the diet, aids in lowering urinary pH levels.

The second product that is recommended by professions is by EXCEL.

Excel Bladder Paste is a tasty paste that is prepared with cranberry for your cat's urinary tract health and preventive care. Cranberry extract and DL-Methionine help balance the pH. Great for senior cats and indoor cats.
The most common signs of a urinary tract infection in your cat that you will see include:
  • Seeing your cat spending alot of time in the litter box, often straining to urinate.
  • Blood in the urine, at other times there may be just tiny spots of urine even though they were in the litter box for a long time.
  • Sometimes, they will associate the litter box with pain and actually urinate elsewhere.
  • Sometimes you will here them cry, moan or move about uncomfortably in the litter box due to pain and discomfort.
  • Sometimes, you will not see any urine and this can be very serious and life threatening because they may be blocked and unable to urinate and become toxic.

This is an emergency and you should take your cat to your veterinarian immediately. Any of the above signs warrant a visit to your veterinarian.


Sunday, June 15, 2008  

Pet Safety Barrier for Vehicles- CLICK HERE!

Safety first when driving with your pet. It doesn't matter how well behaved your pet is, they should not come in the front seat when you are driving. Outward Hound has developed a classier looking barrier that says "High-end" without "High cost".

It is that time of year that people are traveling more with pets - taking them on vacation, camping and visiting relatives. Safety should be upmost on our minds.

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, driver distraction contributes to 20 to 30 percent of all motor vehicle crashes, about 1.2 million per year.

In a recent AAA study, pets and loose objects were rated as being the 3rd worst driver distraction (1st being radio, 2nd being children).

With driver distraction being one of the leading causes of accidents, it is crucial to keep your dog retrained while driving a vehicle. Pet seat belts and barriers can save lives.

In a 30 mph collision a 30 lb. dog can exert approximately 900 lbs. of force. This is enough force to cause severe injury, or possibly death to occupants in the vehicle. Did you know that California requires seat belts on dogs in vehicles?

The Outward Hound Front Seat Safety Barrier keeps pets from climbing onto the console or into the front seat of your car and distracting your attention away from the road. The Front Seat Safety Barrier can remain in place when traveling with passengers and looks neat and clean.
If you are not ready to strap your pets in with a seat belt, the 2nd best solution is a barrier like Outward Hound's new Auto Pet Barrier.

Have a wonderful vacation this summer traveling with your pet and be safe!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008  

The Doggie Diner from Farm Innovators- CLICK HERE!

Farm Innovators is not named "Innovator" for nothing. Watching this company over the last few years, they consistently develop products that catch my attention. They offer a slew of high quality heating products for pet and pond and thier latest - the Doggie Diner is not only convenient, it is something that will help your dog's health in a number of ways.

Offer your dog food and water year round from the Farm Innovators Doggie Diner with Built-In Heater and Auto-Fill.

In many cases, medium to larger dogs have to bend their necks (causing stress) while eating from bowls that are placed on the floor by well meaning owners. Studies have shown that elevating your dog's bowl can help in a number of ways.
The 3.25" tall legs on the Doggie Diner will keep the bowls elevated, aiding in digestion and stress reduction for your dog.

This dog bowl is great for all seasons: In the summer time, place this dog diner on a hard, flat surface and connect a standard garden hose to the bowl. The innovative auto-refill system will keep the water reservoir full, and circulate the water to keep it healthy for your pet.
Move the Doggie Diner to a dry, sheltered area in the winter and connect a grounded extension cord to the hidden electrical connection on the bottom of the diner.

The integrated heater is thermostatically controlled to operate only when the temperature falls below 35° Fahrenheit, and will keep the water from freezing to -10° Fahrenheit.
Feed your pet year round using this Doggie Diner with Built-In Heater and Auto-Fill.

One year warranty.
Dimensions: 21.375"L x 13"W x 10"H
Power: 60 Watts, 120 Volts
Mounting: place on flat surface
Construction: plastic, stainless steel
Mfg. Warranty: 1 year warranty
Take $5.00 off this product at GregRobert Pet Supplies with coupon code: michbiz when you buy $14.00 of dog treats, food or toys. (Cart total needs to be $75.00 to redeem coupon)

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Thursday, June 5, 2008  

Rabbit Viral hemorrhagic disease (VHD) - A special Report- CLICK HERE!

Rabbit Hemmorhagic Disease (RHD) is a viral disease of rabbits which up until 2000 had never been seen in the United States.

There is no need to panic, but knowing about this fatal disease can help prevent the spread and I thought that keeping it fresh in every Rabbit owner's mind would help.

Here are a few precautions to take if you are a Rabbit owner, Small Animal Vet or work with Rabbits in any way.

It is important to quarantine new rabbits or rabbits returning from shows etc. for at least 6 weeks (especially during an active outbreak; at a bare minimum always isolate new rabbits for 5 days).
Be very cautious if importing rabbits or rabbit products from Europe or other
countries affected by RHD. Disinfect any cages and equipment brought onto the
premises with a 10% bleach solution or parvocidal

You can carry the virus on your clothing, so if you have contact with other rabbits, change your clothes and wash your hands and disinfect your footwear before handling your rabbits and equipment. Make sure your food supplier doesn't have rabbits on the premises that could contaminate the food source.

Keep rabbits indoors and try to limit pests including insects and rodents that could potentially carry the virus to your rabbits.
Also keep dogs and cats that go outside or left the premises (and could carry the virus on their coats or paws) away from your rabbits.

Information provided courtesy of


Tuesday, June 3, 2008  

Horses are easy to control with electric fencing- CLICK HERE!

Electric Fences for Horses and other Livestock are humane and effective ways to control your livestock. Zareba seems to have the largest selection, but Dare products and Fi-shock have a number of good systems including solar models for those of us that prefer a bit of green.

Horses are intelligent animals and quickly learn to understand the effects of the electric fence. In addition, horses have thin hides and in most cases, they have well groomed coats and are shod.

If shod, the metal horse shoes make an great earth connection, which grounds the horse. A well-grounded, well-groomed horse will feel a safe, more intense shock.

Horses tend to use traditional wood fences as scratching posts, causing the fence to weaken or sag over time from the pressure that the horses put on it on a continuing basis. Many horses unfortunately fall into the habit of "cribbing" or chewing fences.

An electric fence prevents cribbing and chewing, protecting the horse from harm and prolonging the life of the fence.

If a horse is spooked and runs through traditional wire or wooden fencing, injury is more likely to occur than with an electric fence made of poly tape, wire or rope. To safely contain horses, you need a fence controller that maintains a minimum of 2,000 - 3,000 volts on the fence line.

All in all, the advancements in electric fencing for livestock these days, makes it a perfect choice for containing your horses and other livestock.



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