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Friday, March 28, 2008  

Groom Your Horse Without Water- CLICK HERE!

It is still cold in many parts of the country and you do not want to get your horse wet to clean him ......... so if you are looking for a way to groom, clean and condition your horse without water, then Miracle Groom by W. F. Young, Inc is the product for you. Miracle Groom Is A patented 5-In-1 Formula That Cleans, Conditions, Deodorizes, Shines and Detangles. Miracle Groom is so easy to use. Just spray-on, brush-in, and wipe-off . Your horse's fur will be left manageable and clean down to the skin. Miracle Groom removes dirt, odors, dandruff, and reduces shedding.

There will be no slick or greasy residue buildup. Miracle Groom maintains a bright shine without greasy residue - saddles won't slip.

Miracle Groom can also be used on dogs, cats, sheep, lamas, and cattle.

Easy to Use:

Short Hair: Just spray lightly on towel and rub backwards through hair. Next, lightly spray a brush. Brush as you would normally. With Miracle Groom, you are removing dirt and dandruff, leaving a shiny, clean and natural feeling on the coat. Finally, spray all stains and towel the stains off.

Long or thick hair: Spray heavily for the first application, then comb out knots, mats, tangles, and ropes. Your horses hair will be left cleaner, shiney, longer, and more manageable. Finally, spray all stains and towel the stains off.

W.F. Young, Inc has lots of other great products available. Try their Bigeloil -The Professional's Equine Liniment. This is an invigorating rub that rapidly stimulates superficial circulation and reduces soreness resulting from strain or fatigue.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008  

Car Back Seat Hammock for Pets- CLICK HERE!

Everyone is starting to think about travel this time of year. It seems like everyone I talk to is talking about summer travel plans. Whether you are planning to drive to across the US or just planning a short trip to a nearby beach with your puppy - a backseat cover for your car is a must.

We did a bit of research and came to the conclusion that we like the Outward Hound Pet Hammock the best. It plays two roles with one product. You keep your backseat clean and you obtain piece of mind that your dog isn't going to go flying into your lap or worse yet the window if you happen to stop suddenly.

Keeping your pet contained creates a safer driving experience for both you and your pet. The Kyjen Outward Hound backseat hammock is easy to install - which was an added benefit. The adjustable straps easily attach around the car seat and headrest while additional straps on the back side help secure the hammock to the seats.

Did anyone say durable? Made from a 600 denier nylon fabric, the hammock is soft and cuddly for your pet, yet sturdy and very durable. I like the fact that it folds flat for me to store easily. It measures 56'' from door to door and 59'' from back to front seat.
In conclusion, this was a great purchase. The hammock keeps the seat clean and prevents my dog from coming into the front seat as intended. The construction and material quality is very good. The only shortcoming is the width of the hammock. It doesn't fully reach from one side of the seat to the other.
This is a minor shortcoming and I have a large vehicle .. so it will fit most typical size vehicles.
Happy Traveling to you and your Pet!


Saturday, March 22, 2008  

Quiet Time Pet Beds from Midwest - Dog Kennel Mats- CLICK HERE!

Tried and true - one of the best selling crate pads ever created is the Quiet Time Dog Bed. Midwest claims that they are good for 100 washes - and the claim is true. I have had so many customers comment on the durability of the beds - that you wouldn't believe it!

My kudos reflect the fact that Midwest has solved one of my biggest pet peeves. I HATE it when all the filling in a bed bunches up in one place after a wash and I have to spend 15 minutes trying to move the filling around so that it is comfortable for my little pouch again. Spoiled dog? yes she is, but I would hate to sleep on a bunched up pillow!!

Seven sizes ensure that your pup is resting it's ears on the right size bed and even more importantly -it fits snuggly against the crate wall so that a poor little paw doesn't get caught in the crack:

Model 40222 - 22 x 13 XSmall
Model 40224 - 24 x 18 Small
Model 40230 - 30 x 21 Medium
Model 40236 - 36 x 23 Intermediate
Model 40242 - 42 x 26 Large
Model 40248 - 48 x 30 XLarge
Model 40254 - 54 x 37 XXLarge

These sizes line up to most popular dog crates including the Midwest crates themselves. Midwest also has come up with Fashion color crate pads that may interest the more fashion conscious of us!
Let the buyer beware! Not all Beds are made like Mid West makes them. Midwest makes sure that the material and stitching will last!
The quiet time crate mats by Midwest can be safely and effectively used in the back portion of vehicles. Midwest promises that all of their products are manufactured under very strict quality procedures that are conducted during each operation on a daily basis and full scale, random quality inspections completed during the year.
Rest assured that your pup is save with these Queit Time Beds!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008  

Eco-Friendly Horse Products- CLICK HERE!

It's time that everyone takes an interest in taking care of the environment. That means using environmentally friendly products, not only for yourself, but for your animals - whether you own cats, dogs, horses or an entire farm!

Equilite produces all natural, award winning animal health supplements made with herbs for horses. All of their holistic supplements, herbal horse liniments and botanical flower essences are effective and safe at keeping your horse healthy and happy. Equilite products contain no chemicals, no sugars, and no fillers. All ingredients are human grade and products are made in the USA!

Equilte Sore No More Liniment for Horses has been awarded the Horse Journal 2007 "Product Of The Year" for the best herbal horse liniment that is used for reducing inflammation and pain. No wonder- this product is all natural with a blend of Arnica and other herbs in a Witch Hazel base specifically developed to reduce muscle pain, swelling, bruising and arthritis. Sore No More Liniment has a pleasant smell and is gentle to the skin, but extremely effective in pain relief. Use Sore No More Liniment as a massage liniment before and after exercise, or as a leg or bath brace. It can be used with or without bandages and is a cooling horse liniment, so it is safe to use under magnets. This product can also be used on humans!

Today's, domesticated horses are lacking many of the plant nutrients their species needs because they no longer have access to these plants. Equilte Herbal Horse Supplements offer a natural way to re-incorporate those essential nutrients that are missing back into your horses' diet.

Garlic+C contains Garlic and Vitamin C along with Schisandrsm, Astragalus, Rosehips, and Zinc. Garlic + C is a cold processed, odor modified garlic which minimizes unpleasant odors and works great for fussy eaters. It helps support the upper respiratory track and the immune system. This product can be used throughout the entire year, and especially during the summer to help keep insects away, and for respiratory and immune support.

Vitamin C is combined with Quercetin, a bioflavanoid found in buckwheat in the supplement Citrus C/Q. This product contains buffered Vitamin C, which is absorbed better and is less harsh on the stomach. Other ingredients are Rose Hips, Bioflavanoids, Calcium Ascorbate, Rutin, Quercetin, Acerola, and Hesperidin. These antioxidants help protect against cellular damage, and combat free radicals in the body. The product can be used for allergies, respiratory and immune system support.

Equilite's Echinacea contains Echinacea, Eyebright, Osha and Cats Claw; and can help to support the immune system for healthier animals. Echinacea is great to use during the pollen season, both fall and spring. This product can be used in conjunction with Garlic+C and Citrus C/Q.

When you are done with these great products, remember to put the empty containers in the recyling bin.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008  

Ordering Saltwater Fish, Coral and Reefs Online- CLICK HERE!

Ordering live fish, corals and reef inhabitants as well as live rocks and sands online is very different than normal aquarium supplies.

It is best to use a Saltwater Fish mail order catalog that offers a guarantee. Order live Seahorses at Saltwaterfish - as well as a large selection of Clownfish. offers a 15 Day Guarantee

If for any reason any live fish, coral, or invertebrate you've received doesn't survive during the 15 Day Guarantee period just return it by visiting the Order Status area of the website and logging onto your account. In your account area, next to the order, is a link which will allow you to notify us of any dead animals, request a credit or refund, and determine the amount of the credit due.

Simply fill out this form, submit it, and print a copy of the form to send along with the dead animal. The form must be included when returning animals to receive credit on any returns, and please note that the form is time sensitive. The form must be filled out within 5 hours of FedEx delivery in order to receive a refund, and 15 days of delivery to receive a store credit. This quick and easy procedure will allow you to keep us informed of the status of your order, while not burdening you with unnecessary paperwork and calculations. goes to great lengths to ensure that the customer receives the highest possible quality of live fish, corals, and invertebrates - as well as Angelfish at great prices. Thier aquarium fish go through a specialized acclimation and quarantine process that allows them to be in peak health when they are ready to be shipped to customers.

SaltwaterFish use the top fish collectors and fish and coral suppliers from around the world who play an important role in providing customers with nothing but the best. They are very serious about the live fish, corals, and invertebrates they offer and they know that we as customers are just as serious about the investment of time and money we have in our aquariums. has been shipping live saltwater fish and corals with FedEx since 1999. They use high-priced bag clipping machines to ensure that the oxygenated bags you receive retain the oxygen that was placed in them at time of shipping.

Seahorse Coupons

Each aquarium product is packed with its own requirements and specifications based on experience from years of shipping live goods overnight. Each order is then placed inside a thick styrofoam cooler that insulates the contents from any damage or extreme temperatures. This secure box is then placed into a corrugated box that further secures the safety of your new purchase.

The Saltwater Fish guarantee has been in place since 1999 and they make this guarantee because they have every confidence that the live fish or coral will thrive in your aquarium system if they are provided the proper saltwater environment including water chemistry, compatibility, and aquarium tank setup, all of which are the aquarium hobbyist's responsibility. ships live fish, live coral and reef supplies year around at all temperature ranges. Destination temperatures for each individual shipment package are determined daily and Cool Packs or Heat Packs are included for free when necessary. has been shipping with FedEx during all temperature ranges since 1999, including to Alaska in the dead of winter.

The Guarantee is valid for all temperatures.

Click here for SaltwaterFish Coupons and discounts


Wednesday, March 12, 2008  

Tomlyn Fungisan for Dogs and Cats - Is it Safe?- CLICK HERE!

Controversy - Always Controversy

One has to ask oneself whether many of the mild controversies on long standing products are generated by competitors or grosse misuse cases.

On the other hand, we just cannot be too safe with our beloved pets.

Fungisan (in the news lately) is a unique formula created by Tomlyn to aid in the control of skin infections in dogs and cats and other pets. It contains benzalkonium chloride (0.15%) a disinfecting agent; and allantoin to aid in promoting healthy skin.

Fungisan is an-easy-to-use spray. All you do is spray a small amount on the affected area of your dog or cat and repeat application on a daily basis until your pet's hair begins to grow back. Leave the treated area uncovered. Fungisan will not stain.

Rinse the treated area or areas with clear water before each application (Fungisan's efficiency is neutralized by soap or detergent residues).

Fungisan works quickly. Results should be noted within one week. (if no improvement is noted within 7 days, consult your veterinarian.)

The most common fungus infection is Blastomycosis. It can affect both dogs and cats. Humans may also be infected by this organism. It is not a contagious illness, though.

The fungus is not passed from an infected pet to an uninfected pet as occurs with viral illnesses and some bacterial illnesses. It is acquired from the environment. If more than one animal on your street have been infected with this organism it would be a good idea to see if there is some obvious source of infection involving disturbance of the soil, such as a construction site or a yard the dogs are digging in a lot.
Most infections occur in dogs that live very close to a body of water and this disease is most common in the Southeast and the states around the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.

It takes one to three months for signs of infection to occur after the organism has invaded a dog or cat's body.

Keep you pet safe and have your vet report repeat fungus infections in local pets!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008  

Kit or Get Off the Pot - Potty Training the Fussy Feline- CLICK HERE!

As a cat person, I have been highly amused by the proliferation of such things as dog walkers, pooper scoopers, and canine diapers for that time of the month. ( Not to mention the pretty little dresses for Dobermans )

It reminds me of how easy it is to care for my little feline friend. No dresses, no pooper scoopers and no diapers.

Except when it comes to the litter box. Despite lids, scented crystals, and self-cleaning options, the stink potential of those plastic bins is no laughing matter. Nothing has satisfied my forward thinking until CitiKitty came along. Some people refer to it as CitiCat, CitiKit or CitiKitten.

You’d think such a sophisticated animal would have learned to use the toilet by now. Even dogs go outside to do the duty.
Now your kitty can learn with a little help from the CitiKitty training seat. Fill the shallow plastic pan with litter and place it on your toilet. Week by week, remove one of the inner rings, gradually reducing the overall coverage and amount of litter.

As this happens, your cat will start to stand on the toilet seat and aim for the middle.
Once all the rings are gone, your kitten will have his paws on the seat and will be doing his business in the bowl — and you’ll never have to scoop litter again.

Now, if only Fluffy would learn to flush.
It works and saves alot of time and money in the long haul - give it a whirl and eliminate the stench in your house!


Monday, March 10, 2008  

Brewers Yeast - Miracle or Fallacy- CLICK HERE!

Brewer's Yeast seems to be the miracle herbal remedy for dogs these days - here are some common uses for the healthy remedy:

Brewer's Yeast to repel fleas. Sprinkle your dog's food with nutritional yeast. Besides being very healthy for your dog (or cat for that matter), the smell they secrete will be very nasty to fleas. - A natural flea repellant. Feeding your pet Brewer's yeast to control fleas has not been confirmed through research. There are a multitude of believers, though and it can't do any harm to try?

It has also been said the brewer's yeast will stimulate the immune system. This would make sense, since brewer's yeast contains essential B vitamins including biotin, minerals including zinc, and high quality proteins. Zinc, I believe is the credit for the immune system boost in pets that take Brewer's Yeast

Brewer's Yeast can assist in the control of shedding and promote a healthy skin and hair coat.

It is a tasty, nutritious (50% natural protein), and pure natural food supplement made for your dog (or cat) that promotes a healthy, shiny coat, reduces shedding, and repairs damaged skin.

It is rich in important and essential vitamins, minerals, and protein (essential building blocks of life).

Brewer’s Yeast and Garlic is an excellent natural source of B-complex vitamins and protein. Low in fat, and fortified with B-1, B-2, niacin & antioxidants.

So what are you waiting for? I vote miracle ...not fallacy!

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Monday, March 3, 2008  

Eco-friendly Toys for Your Dog- CLICK HERE!

You are doing your part for the environment. You recycle your cans, bottle and papers. You watch your water consumption, turn off your lights when you are not in a room, you may even (hopefully) drive a gas saving economy car. Now, you can purchase eco-friendly toys for your dog. These great looking stuffed toys are environmentally friendly because they are made from recycled materials. The stuffed animals uses 100% recycled polyester stuffing and the packaging is 80% recycled materials.

Now, for the fun part - there is a huge variety of AKC Green Planet stuffed toys to choose from. There is a squirrel, rabbit, marten, owl, beaver, porcupine and more. My favorite it the beaver, no the rabbit, hmm.... the beaver, then the rabbit. The beaver is pictured to the right. My dog has not put the beaver down.

Besides being the cutest toys, they all have realistic looking features, are double stitched with embroidered details and contain no small parts for the safety of your pet. These are American Kennel Club) licensed dog toys so you know they are good.
Buy your dog an AKC Green Planet toy or two. Your pet will thank you and so will the environment.

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