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Thursday, January 31, 2008  

Dogs Feel the Chill, Too- CLICK HERE!

It is the end of January, and the winter weather is still as cold as ever. Most people feel that a pet sweater or coat is a silly fashion statement. What people do not realize is that many dogs need to wear a sweater or coat in cold weather for protection, the same way you wear a coat for protection. Shorthaired breeds, small breeds, older dogs, puppies and ill dogs should wear a sweater or coat for protection in cold weather.

The Sueded Patch Dog Sweater to the right, with its faux suede trim on the collar, shoulder patches and a pocket on the back is a good example of a good looking and warm sweater. This sweater is manufactured by Ethical Fashion Pet, a division of Ethical Products, Inc. They manufacture stylish and functional pet clothes, including sweaters, coats, pajamas and dresses. Ok...the dresses are purely a fashion accessory, but I bet your pet could use pajamas on a cold winter's night.

It is important to purchase a sweater that covers your dog's stomach and lets its legs move freely. The next step is getting your pet accustomed to wearing a sweater. Any pet can get used to a sweater. You should let your pet sniff the sweater before you put it on him. Put the sweater on for only a few minutes the first time, gradually increasing the time. Play with him while he wears the sweater to prevent him from being distracted by the sweater. Your extra attention and praise will let your pooch know how good YOU think he looks.

The next time you take your pet for a winter walk or let him out at night to do his business, remember if your are cold, he is too!

Stay Warm! Think Spring!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008  

Tips on Teaching your dog NOT to bark- CLICK HERE!

Woof / Woof, I said!

Unwanted barking is described as one of the most common behavior problems in dogs and the biggest complaint that we here at Petazon get from our visitors. No kidding on that one - so if you have a barker - you are not alone!

It is normal for dogs to vocalize and bark from time to time - so rest a sure a couple of yelps won't hurt anyone and is expected - but many times this excessive barking behavior escalates to a point of frustration for many dog owners. There are a few common causes of unwanted barking. Determine why your dog is barking before you begin a program of retraining. It seems obvious - but sometimes there are a few obvious triggers that may cause your dog to back. If you can't figure it out - you may need help from your veterinarian.

One common unwanted barking reason is to seek attention.

You may have reinforced this barking behavior if as a young puppy your dog barked a lot and attention was given to stop the barking. As an older dog, he is probably just trying to get your attention and has learned that the barking works.

Inactivity is another common reason for excessive barking in dogs

Go to the park! Literally, make sure to take daily walks. If you have a local dog park, take your dog there and let him socialize with other dogs and dog owners.

Barking from Fright

If your dog is barking as a response to thunder or loud noises or other stimulus that is easy to determine, provide him with a safe place he can habitually go to in these situations such as a dog crate. The Cabin Kennel is a popular and cost effective crate for small dogs. Make his safe place fun by providing cool treats such as a Kong filled with peanut butter to keep him occupied.

Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is treated through the old "leave for a short period method". In many cases, separation anxiety in dogs can effectively be treated treated with medication or herbal or natural dog calming remedies.

Some people choose to treat their dog’s unwanted barking problems with bark collars. The most humane bark collar available today is the citronella collar. These bark collars work by spraying harmless citronella in your dog’s face whenever he barks.

Studies show a very high rate of success with the use of these kinds of collars.

Using a citronella collar for a period of time can help to reinforce more positive behaviors.There are many training tips and tools available to help you replace unwanted barking with more positive behaviors.

If you need more information, consult your veterinary staff or pet professional.


Monday, January 28, 2008  

Dental Health Month for your Pets is on it's Way- CLICK HERE!

Why is there such a huge uproar about cat and dog oral health these days?

Everywhere I look, I see advertisements for dog toothbrushes, toothpaste and oral health items. I'd have to guess that 40% of dog treats these days advertise the benefit the treat has to your dog or puppies' oral health.

For example, featured to the right is the Easy Brush tooth cleaning treat that is manufactured by Farnam Pet Products. Farnam has done a great job in developing an extremely effective treat that dog's just cannot resist.

Pet Dental Health month in the United States is sponsored by a number of well known organizations including the American Veterinary Medical Association. In my book, this means that it has some clout. This organization is well respected in the pet industry (not only with Vets)

The Academy of Veterinary Dentistry and Hill's Pet Nutrition Inc., also sponsor pet dental health month. (Yes, I remember the whole Hills Pet Nutrition fiasco a couple of years back - but the company has really put together a plan to keep our pet's safe).

Awareness is the key. Making you aware of the importance of cat dental health and dog dental health. is designed to bring awareness among pet owners of the importance of their pet’s oral health.

Common Dental Problems include gum disease. Gum disease is common in both dogs and cats.

Lots dogs over the age of 2 or 3 have either gingivitis or periodontitis - and you will want to have your dog checked.

Periodontitis, or periodontal disease (believe it or not), is the most common dental problem for dogs. Periodontal Disease is caused by plaque, a mixture of bacteria, food debris, and cell mucus. This is why treats like the Easy Brush do such a good job. Periodontal Disease in dogs forms a milky-white film on the dogs teeth and gums.

As plaque gets into pockets under your dog's gum-line, bacteria eats away at the bone that holds the dog's teeth in place. When mixed with saliva in the dog's mouth, plaque turns into tartar, which can stick to the dog's teeth like cement or glue.

Please! for your dog's sake - pay attention to his or her dental health.

Happy Brushing!


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Tuesday, January 8, 2008  

Want to Lose Weight? Walk the Dog! - Great selection of Dog Retractable Leashes- CLICK HERE!

Face the facts, weight loss for woman is big business the main reason is that the diet industry exists! In most cases, getting a bit of exercising (we think walking SPOT is the best way) can solve many of the weight issues in this country.

Most people on diets are women - the social pressure on women to lose weight is huge. Yet losing weight for women is often much harder than for men.

Whilst the basic principles of weight loss are the same for both men and women, the challenges facing women to lose weight and stay slim are much greater. So, why is it that weight loss for women is such a problem?

Let's start with your body shape... Apples and Pears...

Body Shape -- Your body shape is related to body fat and muscle. Men tend to carry most of their fat around their midsection - they are 'apples'. Women around their lower body - hips, bum and thighs - they are 'pears'. "Really!", you cry, "tell me something I don't know!".

Upper body fat has a different function compared to lower body fat. Upper Body Fat exists to protect against periods of starvation. Lower body fat is there to sustain a pregnancy.

A baby requires around 500 calories a day of breast milk to develop properly. As women for most of human evolution were pregnant every year or so, all that fat came in handy!

But our bodies haven't caught up with the changes in our lifestyles. A women's body is designed to retain that body fat, it doesn't want to lose it. Without wishing to state the obvious, weight loss after pregnancy is difficult for most women and is the main reason that women cite for gaining weight.

Birth control pills cause the body to deposit and store more fat and water. Weight loss for women on the pill thus becomes more difficult. Women on the pill, particularly those prone to gaining weight need to reduce their calorie intake by around 10%, or to increase the calories burned through physical activity by 10% to maintain their pre-pill weight.

A simple daily "Walk the Dog" habit can tremendously increase your ability to keep your weight in a reasonable range.
Walkabout Retractable Leash The Walkabout Leash is designed to offer both dog and dog-walker maximum
Walkabout Wide Webbed Retractable Leash Super strong wide webbed retractable leash with ultra smooth operation
Retractable All Belt Dog Leashes - Flexi - 16 ft. Retractable All Belt Leash - With specially designed all webbing belt
Retractable Dog Leash Saddle Bag This bag fits snugly over medium and large Flexi Retractable Leashes.
Flexi Soft Grip Retractable Leash 16 ft. Extra soft grip makes this Flexi lead model more comfortable
Classic FLEXI Retractable Leash Classic Flexi Leads are the most popular retractable leashes available
Flexi Garden Retractable Tie Out Works just like the leash. Slight constant tension eliminates tangles
Flexi Giant Retractable Leash - 26 ft. This Flexi New Giant is the ultimate all-belt leash for strong and large .
Comfort Grip Flexi Retractable Leash- All Belt -16 ft. Combination of Flexi's greatest features in one leash.
Comfort Long Retractable Leash - Flexi - 26 ft. Extra Long Retractable Leash with Soft Grip Handle.
Flexi Expression Retractable Leash Flexi Expression with soft grip handle. 16 ft all belt retractable leash.
Elegance Retractable Dog Leash An elegant designer retractable leash for small to medium-sized dogs
Outward Hound Retractable Leash Bag The Retractable Leash Bag makes dog walks more convenient


Sunday, January 6, 2008  

Starter Home for Drawf Hamsters - CritterTrail Mini One for Hamsters- CLICK HERE!

A baby hamster's needs are directly related to the life it would be living if it was still in the wild. Did you know that hamsters are desert creatures that populate dry, rocky areas in places like Syria, Mongolia, and Pakistan?

This is why it's essential that you meet your hamster's need for dry, warm housing. Avoid keeping your hamster in an aquarium, as the glass enclosure will promote the locking-in of moisture. Instead, seek out a cage made especially for hamsters-either a standard wire enclosure or one of the popular "crittertrail" type cages.

A Crittertrail cage, with all of its tubes, turrets, and tunnels will also help ensure that your hamster's need for entertainment is met.

CritterTrail mini One is the "E-Z" to carry compact size cage for little critters! CritterTrail mini One comes complete with a a Water Bottle and Food dish. Four add-on accessory locations provide for the addition of exciting components as well as connection to other CritterTrail homes. CritterTrail mini is the perfect size for dwarf hamsters, young hamsters, and mice.

Dwarf hamsters are an alternative to pet owners who enjoy a smaller, more sociable hamster. Dwarf's tend to want to have another of their kind around, preferrably same sex (unless you're looking to breed.) If you are looking at Drawf hamsters as pets - purchasing 2 of the CritterTrail Mini's may be in order.

Drawfs must be handled frequently and gently to remain friendly.


Friday, January 4, 2008  

Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Dog Owners- CLICK HERE!

Here are 10 easy-to-keep resolutions for the New Year. Adopt one or all 10, and you will be on your way to dog heroism.

1. Reduce your pet’s environmental paw-print by choosing recycled, eco-conscious dog chew toys and dog bedding wherever possible.

2. Feed your dog or puppy premium kibble that contains human-grade ingredients, and add the occasional "garnish" of fresh-cooked veggies and/or eggs.

3. Keep your dog’s coat shiny – and give his kibble a dash of gourmet flavor - with a daily dose of antioxidant fish oil supplement for dogs.

4. Groom with gentle, preservative-free dog shampoo containing ingredients that will soothe and moisturize your dog's skin and coat.

5. If your dog has a long coat, make a daily effort to brush and otherwise detangle him, so those irritating mats won’t start forming with a professional grade dog brush.

6. Brush your dog’s teeth with an all-natural toothpaste created just for pets. Think of it not as a chore, but as a form of good-health insurance.

7. Prevent canine weight gain by avoiding crunchy, high-carb dog biscuits and opting instead for high-protein morsels that are soft, chewy, and meaty (not to mention great tasting). If you have an elder dog, support her joints with a tasty nutritional treat.

8. Eliminate ordinary rawhide from your dog’s repertoire and replace it with an equally toothsome veggie alternative that’s got real bite.

9. Keep your animal house clean and green by spot-cleaning your dog's paws with all-natural wipes – you’ll spend less time dusting and more time playing fetch!

10. Select a water bowl made of non-porous ceramic or metal, and be sure it stays full – especially in the chill of winter, when dogs need even more water than in hot weather, to maintain energy levels.



Thursday, January 3, 2008  

Goldfish Wheat-Germ by Hikari- CLICK HERE!

So you got a few new Goldfish and a Tank for Christmas? Where do you start?

Hikari Goldfish Wheat-Germ is an easily assimilated, highly digestible daily diet for goldfish, baby koi and large tropical fish. Developed through many years of breeding experience, this highly nutritious diet will keep your aquatic pet healthy and happy for years to come!

For over 113 years Hikari Fish Food has spent considerable time exploring natural habitats of fish, breeding fish in thier own facilities and researching the impact diets have over time. These unique insights into the nutritional needs of your fishy friends give a competitive advantage no other fish food maker can duplicate and allows Hikari to produce diets that will not only maintain their health, but assist you in keeping your aquarium in top form.

Additionally, the complete control of thier production process for each of thier diets allows them to provide you with the quality you have come to expect from the leader in aquatic nutrition, worldwide. Use HIKARI®, because you love your aquatic pets as much as they love you!

Goldfish Staple™ Preferred Daily Diet For Baby Goldfish & Koi Fry
Goldfish Wheat-Germ™ High Growth Diet For Maturing Goldfish & Baby Koi
Goldfish Gold™ Color Enhancing Daily Diet For Improving The Beauty Of Your Goldfish & Koi
Goldfish Oranda Gold™ Excellent Coloration Via Bio-Technology, A Daily Diet For Fancy Goldfish Kept Indoors
Goldfish Lionhead™ A Daily Diet For Fancy Goldfish Eliminating The Need To Feed Live Foods



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