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Wednesday, October 31, 2007  

A Petazon Exclusive - The Christmas Pet Gift Giving Rant- CLICK HERE!

Today's pets are more pampered than ever and so buying the perfect Christmas gift has become increasingly difficult. But this Christmas, pet owners everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief as they avoid the Christmas rush and long queues and shop online at GregRobert Pet Supplies.

Inspired by haute couture, this year GregRobert offers a range of clothes and accessories, for every discerning dog or cat, which combines warm urban style with that aristocratic English touch. Perfect for all Christmas parties the City Sport Dog Sweater is a sporty two tone sweater featuring wide ribbing, turtle neck and racing stripe on both sides.

For the dog that just loves to party the Rhinestone Collection offers a sparkling collection of collars in pink and clear that will impress the pup with the hardest to please tastes: Rhinestone Collar Collection

If you are traveling or staying at home this Christmas, GregRobert Pet Supplies has the perfect answer. Approved by most major airlines for in-cabin travel, the Kennel Cab Sky Blue Pet Carrier by Petmate has an ergonomic cushion grip handle, and is designed to be as comfortable for long hauls as it is for a short train journey.

Alternatively if you are staying at home over the festive period a sumptuous Heated Pet Wellness Sleeper Bed Heated Wellness Sleeper Bed means that your dog can recline in luxury, after his Christmas feast, whilst adding a certain warmth to any room.

On a more personal note we all love our dogs, but prefer the scent of the season: The Pine Holiday Fresh Spray - 8 oz gently counters that of your dog's - leaving the gentle smell of fresh pine.

Happy Shopping and Stay tuned for our next rant on Pet Shopping for the Holidays!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007  

Equine Standing Wrap- CLICK HERE!

Experts Meet to Tackle Equine Lameness Research

I was thrilled to learn that the AAEP Foundation hosted a Lameness Research Meeting and Panel in Fort Collins, Colorado this last August. Twenty-four researchers and lameness experts from around the world met to prioritize future equine lameness research needs. "The group also explored specific questions about the direction and cost of future lameness projects. "

Why would I be thrilled about this? - Because they are called to develop strategic priorities to effectively and economically address important diseases that cause lameness in our beloved horses.

We lost a horse to lameness a couple of years back :(

This research meeting and panel would not have been possible without the support of the following sponsors: AQHA Foundation, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation, IDEXX Laboratories, and Morris Animal Foundation.

Horse Medical Supplies

This cooperative effort is helping to identify priorities for the equine industry and will benefit the owner, veterinarian, supporting industries and, most importantly, the horse.

Kudos to these wonderful sponsors

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Monday, October 22, 2007  

Halloween Dog Costumes- CLICK HERE!

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to pick up that Halloween costume for your dog.

Yes, we said dog!!
GregRobert,, an online pet retailer carries Halloween costumes and accessories for pets.

GregRobert Pet Supplies

Today, GregRobert announced its grand fall price reduction sale as well as an exclusive coupon for Dog Halloween Costumes.
Save $5.00 on all in-stock Halloween Costumes at GregRobert.
Use Coupon Code: hallgr12

Choose witch, black cat, ballerina, skunk, giraffe, superman costume and others."We are extremely excited to unveil our extensive selection of dog costumes for this Halloween," says Ray Joyce of GregRobert. "Costumes are an integral part of Halloween parties and this year, there will be more dogs on the block with costumes.

It is important to us that customers enjoy and have great fun with new and creative costumes that are absolutely comfortable on their dogs. Our range- from the all-time classical favorites to some exotic, wild and whacky ones- ensures that there is a costume for every dog and every dog owner."

In preparation for the grand dog Halloween costume sale, GregRobert recently revamped its website to enable dog costume hunters find the ones that catch their fancy easily and quickly. In addition the site features a selection of thousands of dog supplies including winter sweaters, treats and dog training products.

Some of the popular costumes on display on the site include all time favorites like superman, ballerina, the all-popular skunk and giraffe costumes, to name a few.

About the GregRobert Discount Pet Supplies

GregRobert has been in the online retail business for over seven years, and has evolved as an industry leader in providing discounted pet supplies to pet owners in a secure, easy to use environment.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007  

Chickadee, Titmouse, & Wren Nest Box- CLICK HERE!

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The Chickadee Nest Box by Droll Yankees can also be used for Titmouses and as a Wren Nest Box. It is designed with all the right features for cavity nesting birds.

It has an exaggerated roof overhang which keeps rain and sun out, keeping eggs and birds dry and temperatures stable on the inside. Its unique entry hole replicates a natural tree cavity.

Side door - easy access for monitoring and cleaning
Ventilation - under eaves and in the floor, for proper air flow
Kerfs on inside front - help fledglings climb out of the box
Predator guard - increase depth of entry (Not pictured)
Correct wood thickness - insulates against heat and cold
Our nest boxes are made of pine, a resource that renews itself rapidly so that habitats are quickly restored
Can be painted or stained and coordinates with artwork

Height - 10 in., hole size 1 1/4 in. x 1 3/4 in.

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Loofa Sport Dog Toys- CLICK HERE!

Loofa Sport Dog Toys - Your pet can get in on team action with the Loofa Sport toys. Each Loofa Sport Dog has a squeaker for additional interest.
Assorted sports include: baseball, basketball, and football.
Collect all three for your canine friend!

Available in a 12 in. and 18 in. size.

This funky style terry covered pet toy can be used as a retriever and a back scratcher. Either way, this toy will be your pet's favorite snuggly companion.

Each Loofa Dog has a squeaker for additional interest
Made of non-toxic materials
Great for interactive play

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